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Here are the declared candidates for wards 6, 9, and 21. Their actual candidacy will depend on challenges to their petitions to the Chicago Board of Elections. We will strike out candidates if they have officially been withdrawn or otherwise removed from the ballot.

We will separate candidates according to the ward they're running in along with a name, brief info on who they are (1 sentence), website and social media pages or profiles (such as FB, Twitter or Instagram - provided these are intended for the general public).

The graphic to your right-hand side represents the redrawn wards 6, 9, and 21 that we're covering for the 2015 elections. They were redrawn and approved by the Chicago City Council in 2012.

For more detailed information (such as number of petition signatures and current cash-on-hand totals), we encourage you to subscribe to Aldertrack (www.aldertrack.com). For $10, you get access to their "Racing Form"(and every one of their daily PDF updates), and daily e-mail updates. 

UPDATE Sept. 14, 2015 - We've included all numbers from all three wards we covered this year. We also included the numbers from the runoff in ward 21.

6th Ward 

Results from February 24, 2015 out of 10659 votes cast winner in bold. Ald. Roderick Sawyer won re-election.
  • Roderick Sawyer (i) - 5990 (56.2%)
  • Richard Wooten - 2800 (26.27%)
  • Brian Garner - 1869 (17.53%)

Below are the candidates for 6th Ward Alderman * denotes the winner of this election.

9th Ward

Below are the results for ward 9 Alderman in the February 24th election via Board of Elections with 11706 votes cast Ald. Beale - in bold - was re-elected. Also feel free to refer to the 2015 page at the Shedd School blog.
  • Anthony Beale (i) - 7307 (62.42%) 
  •  Michael E. LaFargue - 1822 (15.56%)
  • Theodore (Ted) Williams - 1352 (11.55%) 
  •  Harold "Noonie" Ward - 1225 (10.46%)

Below are candidates in the 2015 election * denotes winner.

21st Ward
Here are the results to the February 24 election for 21st Ward Alderman. There was a runoff and those candidates names are shown in bold. 13119 votes were cast in this election.
  • Marvin McNeil - 1838 (14.01%)
  • Jeffrey Baker - 695 (5.30%)
  • Howard Brookins (i) - 5454 (41.57%)
  • Joseph Ziegler - 1376 (10.49%)
  • Doris L. Brooks - 1529 (11.65%)
  • Patricia A. Foster - 1365 (10.40%)
  • Ken Lewis - 862 (6.57%)
Then on April 7, 2015 the runoff election resulted in a Howard Brookins victory with 14,835 ballots cast
  •  Marvin McNeil - 7,261 (48.95%)
  • Howard Brookins (i) - 7,574 (51.05%)

Below were the candidates for the February 24, 2015 election in the 21st Ward. After an April runoff Ald. Howard Brookins was able to maintain his seat on Chicago's city council. Winner is denoted with an asterick (*)
  • Patricia A. Foster Punch 56 - filed petitions for Alderman on November 24, 2014 and candidate in 2011 election for 21st ward Alderman. Seeking more information on this candidate

    Let us know if there are other candidates we need to cover. Feel free to e-mail us, send a tweet, let us know through our FB page or even post a comment here on this page.



    1. I will be covering the 21st ward as well because of the remap. But with that said I hope that people interested in becoming candidates think long and hard and ask some hard questions:
      1. Why are you running
      2. Can you raise $50,000? Please don't tell me Barack did it without money that's B.S.
      3 Can you get 1000 signatures. Although the minimum is 473, if you can't get a 1000 are you really a runner and relevant or just have a large ego.
      4 Does your ward know you? You can't win with the 3 blocks surrounding your home.
      5 What can you bring to the ward besides hot air. Do you have a network that you can connect with the business community? Knowing a bunch of insignificant people in city hall is not enough.

      If you can answer those questions truthfully and feel you can meet the challenge then run, if not then you need to go home and consider backing someone who can.

      I have already pissed off some would be individuals who I believe won't make the ballot and plan to continue to ask the hard questions because we don't need anymore politicians who buckle under for PAC money and the new machine. So if you can't take the heat don't get in the race.

      1. Thank you, Worlee. I am CM Winters --a college librarian, CPS parent, and proud member of AFT/IFT Local 1600 --running for our 21st Ward aldermanic seat. Yes, I can earnestly answer your questions. Thank you for asking the hard questions: I too am sick and tired of politicians who buckle.

    2. Do we have a list of declared candidates in the 21st Ward?

    3. One of the bloggers have expressed an interest in the ward 21 race and we expect to have a list of candidates in the future.

    4. Thanks so much for updating this...I so enjoy your blog...Can't wait to see how things unfold in these 3 races....

    5. Hmmm, going to be interesting what the 6th ward potential candidates will say about the Park Manor Inn Hotel Development. One has already talked out the side of neck. Mr.Pierce talks about economic development but was the only potential candidate not to attempt to discuss the proposal. So what does this Einstein propose?

    6. Well, the 21st ward race is getting petty as the opposing candidates are fighting amongst themselves . Per comments, Mr. McNeil legally purchased the domains that includes his competitors CM Winters and Doris Brooks and they are on FB wining. Now, when a serious question is asked and a chance for voters to hear the candidate speak on relevant issues, Mr. Mcneil comments were removed. So I guess in the some minds this is touche but to me its sour grapes. Guess we will have to wait until the ballot is finalized to hear what candidates have to say. It's unfortunate for 21st ward voters that all they have had to hear is bashing of the current Alderman and nothing as to what other CAN/WILL do.

    7. This is great and very informative. I looked at the different candidates, not all. Richard Wooten who is a candidate in the 6th Ward. When you click on his campaign website you get and error. I know the website is www.citizensforwooten.com. How does that get corrected? Thanks, Ms Jackson of the 6th Ward.

      1. Thanks for letting us know, the website for Richard Wooten will be corrected immediately.

    8. Alderman Howard Brookins website is http://howardbrookinsjr.com.

    9. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rgiviW2XKwQ&feature=em-share_video_user

    10. Hello do you have more information about 21st ward candidate Patricia Foster?

    11. Candidate did not release any additional infirmatiomN