I got this message from Blogger which is owned by Google last night. A decade old post from this blog had gotten flagged. Here's how I have tried to operate, I usually like to find news stories to share. It's not often that I tried to do the footwork to be a journalist, I used to pretend and failed. :P Anyway, someone or something flagged a legit news story from a local TV station deemed as sensitive content. The video itself probably is no longer available online. According to computer there's just a puzzle piece in the middle where the video was - in fact I presume the video was rendered in a flash player. Who uses flash these days anyway? Anyway I found this odd and intend to appeal meanwhile you will see this message asking if you want to proceed to the page in question or not proceed. Almost as if you're being redirected to somewhere else. Was this an AI or is this related to the mayoral race?

Happy New Year - 2022 recap sort of...

Found here I spend most of this past year not posting here aside from one post by J.P. Paulus regarding the 2022 primary election for the 1st Congressional District seat which was won by Jonathan Jackson - who's brother Jesse Jackson Jr. served in Congress and his father was two-time Democrat candidate for President Jesse Jackson Sr. And then a few posts within the past two months which are more or less politically inclined and in reference to the 2023 municipal elections for Alderman and Mayor of Chicago. Mayor Lori Lightfoot is running for re-election. Ald. Roderick Sawyer had recently survived a petition challenge that was dropped by his opponent Willie Wilson to remain on the ballot in the 2023 Mayoral Race. That means Ald. Sawyer will NOT be running for re-election for 6th Ward Alderman. So there is one open seat on the Chicago City Council. We can include in the many open seats on the Chicago City Council the 21st Ward Alderman. Longtime 21st Ward Alderman Howard Brookins h

Anyone looking for a 2023 #Ward06 elections page?

Remapped 6th Ward - adopted May 2022 The map you see above is of a remapped 6th Ward which was adopted in May 2022. This is the ward that candidates for Alderman will be running to represent. At this moment I don't know if there will be an election page here which will be typical for this blog since 2011. I have shared again publicly the links for all local elections in 2015 and 2019 we covered multiple wards especially in light of the 2011-12 ward remap. I don't know if there is any interests from the other bloggers here in other wards especially other than wards 6, 9, and 21. As you know there is some turnover as Ward 6 Ald. Roderick Sawyer is running for mayor next year and Ward 21 Ald. Howard Brookins is retiring from the city council. The only incumbent since 2011 that weve covered who's running again next year is Ward 9 Ald. Anthony Beale. BTW, in shameless self promotion there is a 2023 Elections page over at Ninth Ward Chicago . If nothing else if you would like to

2023 Municipal Elections

 Did you miss this blog? I've been posting more at another blog I started called Ninth Ward Chicago , I expect to post there for the forseeable future. Though to be honest I do wonder about JP Paulus' thoughts on Congressman-elect Jonathan Jackson who was elected in the midterm election just last month. He discussed the race to succeed Congressman Bobby Rush of the 1st Congressional District from earlier this summer. Well now that the gubernatorial and midterm elections are now over, we turn our attention to the municipal races in Chicago. We will be voting for the city council, city clerk, city treasurer, for people to serve on their police district boards, and of course for mayor. One of the people running for mayor against the vulnerable incumbent Lori Lightfoot is one Ald. Roderick T. Sawyer. In 2011 we covered the race where Sawyer - the son of a former Alderman and Mayor in Eugene Sawyer - was able to defeat incumbent Ward 6 Ald. Freddrenna Lyle in a runoff. Now over a d

We need better coverage of the 1st Congressional District race

  Has anyone considered the lack of media coverage for the first congressional district race?   While I haven’t scoured each web page of every news site, from what I have seen, the coverage of where I lived for 12 years has been abysmal, especially considering the significance. This is the 1st time in more than a GENERATION that we have an incumbent-free election that is more open than ever. The choice made could be another Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (who regular gains national attention), or we could have just another of the 400 relatively obscure members, and receive very little for the votes.   And why should we care about a PRIMARY?   Well, in Chicago, Only TWO local candidates have ever won in the general election in Chicago in the past 40 years. One of them was state senator James Meeks,   who ran at the height of Salem Baptist church's popularity. Once he was elected, he quickly switched he switched to the Democratic Party so that his re election was assured the next term