Tuesday, February 7, 2023


 I got this message from Blogger which is owned by Google last night.

A decade old post from this blog had gotten flagged. Here's how I have tried to operate, I usually like to find news stories to share. It's not often that I tried to do the footwork to be a journalist, I used to pretend and failed. :P

Anyway, someone or something flagged a legit news story from a local TV station deemed as sensitive content. The video itself probably is no longer available online. According to computer there's just a puzzle piece in the middle where the video was - in fact I presume the video was rendered in a flash player. Who uses flash these days anyway?

Anyway I found this odd and intend to appeal meanwhile you will see this message asking if you want to proceed to the page in question or not proceed. Almost as if you're being redirected to somewhere else.

Was this an AI or is this related to the mayoral race?


  1. I just wrote about a similar problem... also on a very old post. My own guess is that Google has deployed a new generation of AI-driven spiders to crawl Blogger sites and that it is unrelated to anything local... but I am frequently wrong about such things. And there is at least a possibility that we both got flagged by coincidence, too. But always good not to be alone!

    1. I didn't purposely take too long to approve this comment. Thanks for stopping by Jack Leyhane from "For What It's Worth"


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