2019 Elections

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Here are the declared candidates for wards 6, 9, and 21. Their actual candidacy will depend on challenges to their petitions to the Chicago Board of Elections. We will strike out candidates if they have officially been withdrawn or otherwise removed from the ballot.

We will separate candidates according to the ward they're running in along with a name, brief info on who they are (1 sentence), website and social media pages or profiles (such as FB, Twitter or Instagram - provided these are intended for the general public).

The graphic to your right-hand side represents the redrawn wards 6, 9, and 21 that we're covering for the 2019 elections. They were redrawn and approved by the Chicago City Council in 2012.

We recommend a subscription to The Daily Line for update to date information on not only the elections for Chicago City Council. Hopefully you'll use their services to follow the race for Mayor Chicago also.

Ward 6
Ward 9
Ward 21


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