Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Went to buy a city vehicle sticker at the Alderman's office...again

Unlike my last experience a couple of years ago, there was less of a line standing outside of the office. There was a lone older gentleman handing out tickets for our place in line. The wait was relatively short since I was back out within half an hour.

What probably helped was that I came in relatively early which is not long after the scheduled starting time for city sticker sales. I would expect also that a lot of people had bought their city stickers already to at least avoid that July 15th deadline although it has been extended until the end of the month.

I would like to offer a comment to the city clerk office. It's great that they'll offer their services in the various wards of our city. Without hopefully having to travel very far from their homes to buy a city vehicle sticker. Otherwise city residents will have to either find a currency exchange or other vendor such as Seaway Bank to buy their stickers and permits in addition to going to offices of the City of Chicago in the neighborhoods in addition to going directly to city hall.

Anyway, I was purchasing a city sticker for my mother and since I only was prepared to pay for a city sticker I didn't write the check for a parking permit as well. I for some reason thought that the permit was already included in the price of a sticker if the permit was only going to be renewed. For the most part if you have a parking permit the vehicle sticker serves as the parking permit.

All the same I was prepared to use another method to pay for the permit. I had a check and I said that I could debit it. According to the young lady who was educating me, she said that they don't accept partial payments. So the comment is that the city clerk office should consider allowing people to split their payments on city stickers and permits between two methods. Well that's my idea and I'm sure it will be beneficial to a number of people around the city.

Does anyone else have any suggestions with regards to doing business with the city?

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  1. Glad things went smoother this year. The Clerk sent 13 staffers out to handle the crowd and because of the crowd that arrived early, they began selling at 9 a.m. rather than 10. At the close of the day $65,000 + in stickers and parking permits were sold.

    The Clerk's office is adapting. Two years ago we couldn't take credit cards, now with computer terminals they accepted cash, checks and plastic. This is the 2nd year that the permits have been a part of the sticker and last year it was utter chaos as residents were buying stickers and coming in later to buy the passes.

    I will pass your comment along.


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