Monday, February 28, 2011

Follow-up: Wreckage - waste of a once-beautiful building

Curbed Chicago and Chicagoist got to talking about the blue "White House" replica at 8401 S. Michigan Ave. Now it's time to revisit this home that JP Paulus wrote about in May 2010 at 74th & Indiana. Worlee mentioned on at least two occasions that there were a connection between them. He especially wrote a comment about this home in JP's post:
This was a beautiful home and can be again. There is interest in the property but the last information I received was this property and the mansion at 84th michigan were tied up in an estate battle. That has been a couple of years so I do not know if it has been settled at this point.
I posted a link to this post on the FB page in December of last year and it sparked a couple of more comments in JP's post, but also on the FB page itself. And a recent comment about the blue version of the "White House" from Worlee on the page reminded me of this property. Although he used a different intersection I'm guessing he's referring to this property. He says this property and the blue "White House" are owned by the same people. Although I'm uncertain if he's referring to either the estate battle or the real estate agent who in fact owns the home near 84th & Michigan.

I would like to reiterate JP's question. At that very least what is the background of those who have owned these homes?

Chicagoist: It's New to Us: Sky Blue "White House" Replica in Chatham

Chicagoist on the blue "White House replica". It's placed in quotation marks because they just don't see the resemblance. They linked to JP's original "Where am I?"  post on this mansion from last summer. At least the publicity of this home is spreading. :P

We did a post bouncing off of a Curbed Chicago post last week as well.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hyde Park Progress: South Side Politics is About to Change Big Time

The Hyde Park blog talks about how ward redistricting well affect that part of the city. As we know all the Black wards had lost population within the last 10 years. Each ward has to be at least populated by 54,000 residents. So that may mean that the 6th would be a much larger ward geographically. And many of the other wards that had lost population may well be larger geographically as well.

When does the city council take up drawing up the wards for the next decade?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Will the Mayor-elect be a factor here in the 6th?

Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel had amassed a campaign chest during his successful run for Mayor of Chicago. There is speculation that he may use that cash in many of our city's runoff contests. Included in this article from CPR is the 6th Ward runoff:
In the South Side's 6th Ward, Emanuel won 59-percent of the vote. The challenger there, Roderick Sawyer,said his campaign could use Emanuel's money if the mayor-elect chooses to work with him.

"But we don't want to put all of our eggs in one basket and say that's the end-all and be-all of this campaign," said Sawyer, who is a lawyer and the son of a former mayor, Eugene Sawyer. "That's just one step. You know, there's other money out there."

Sawyer is up against incumbent Ald. Freddrenna Lyle. Lyle endorsed former U.S. Sen. Carol Moseley Braun in the mayor's race, but said she's talked to Emanuel a few times about issues.

Asked if she'd accept campaign money from the mayor-elect, Lyle said she is "not ruling out any support unless the devil comes in with a check."

And Lyle said she does not think Emanuel is the devil.

Sawyer outraged over campaign scuffle...

Calls for issue-oriented campaign

Roderick T. Sawyer, candidate for Sixth Ward Alderman, said he is outraged about a fight that emerged recently over political signs that left one campaign volunteer hospitalized and a Lyle campaign worker charged with battery at a polling place on the South side.

In response to the incident, Sawyer said: “It is unfortunate that the incident resulted in a citizen being injured and another arrested. I was disappointed that instead of squashing the incident Lyle fled the scene.

“These actions do not represent the issues-oriented campaign that I’m running as I go forward with this runoff election,” Sawyer continued. “I’ve run an ethical campaign targeting real issues impacting Sixth Ward residents and anyone who would insinuate otherwise is just projecting.”

Sawyer said that he is committed to an issues-oriented campaign and welcomed his opponent to join him in condemning the violence. “A campaign focused on the issues would help to ensure that the run-off will not be marred by reckless participants,” he concluded.
You might have heard about this incident from the Chicago Sun-Times the day after the municipal elections.The article, posted on our FB page, involved a Wooten campaign worker and the Lyle campaign worker on the night of the municipal elections. That night this incident was alluded to on Wooten's FB Page.

We recieved this release from the PR person for Sawyer's Aldermanic campaign. Although Worlee beat me to this release on his blog.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Concerned Citizens of Chatham: Help Wanted- Residents to Tell....

the story of our community. Worlee is reaching out to the community and the Aldermanic candidates to help Jamal Cole with his documentary on Chatham. Still looking for people with information, pictures or even stories to tell about Chatham.

A follow-up to our post on Cole's project from October 2010.

His website is

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Unsolved Murder of a Chicago Police Officer

ABC7 did a story on the fallen officer Michael Bailey. He was killed last year and sadly no one has been arrested in his murder.
"Since July 18th 2010, at 6 o'clock in the morning, I've been living this case every day of my life," said Det. Brian Johnson, Chicago Police.

Johnson and his Area 2 colleagues have amassed a mountain of information. They've conducted over 100 interviews. They have theories, but not much beyond that.

"It seems like every time we get a promising lead, we move forward but we haven't been able to take another two or three steps forward and, like I told you, I go home every night and my 10-year-old daughter asks me about this case. Daddy, did you figure out who killed Officer Bailey, and I have to tell her no," said Johnson.

Detectives think there may have been eyeball witnesses, but no one's come forward.
There's also a FB page for this case. Hopefully someone out there knows something.

6th Ward run-off news...

UPDATE 3:15 PM More analysis from Chicago Public Radio
Roderick Sawyer was successful in forcing a runoff with incumbent Freddrenna Lyle. Sawyer is the son of the late Eugene Sawyer, former 6th Ward alderman and mayor of Chicago. Sawyer argued the ward was neglected and blighted. He benefitted from deep community connections and name recognition. The SEIU-backed Lyle struck a chord with seniors. The 6th Ward covers Chatham and Park Manor – black middle-class neighborhoods that tend to be politically mobilized. Chatham has seen an uptick in crime, which has made residents nervous.
Sentiment echoed by Progress Illinois when they visited a precinct on 71st Street yesterday.

From the Sun-Times, a brief blurb about the impending run-off:
Roderick Sawyer, the son of former Chicago Mayor and Ald. Eugene Sawyer, appeared to have forced 6th Ward Ald. Freddrenna Lyle into a runoff as well.

“I’m happy to be alive to fight another day,” Sawyer said. “I think my father would be glad we are continuing on with this fight.”

Sawyer was the only one of the five children of former Chicago aldermen running in the aldermanic elections to have gotten as far as a runoff. The rest lost.
Also from the Chicago News Coop:
In the 6th Ward, where two police officers were killed last summer, Ald. Freddrenna Lyle is headed for a runoff with Roderick Sawyer, a longtime family friend and son of former Mayor Eugene Sawyer, after Sawyer and four other opponents alleged she wasn’t doing enough to fight crime.

“It doesn’t scare me,” Lyle said of the second round of balloting. “This time it will be different because I can focus on one opponent, and I can differentiate myself from Rod. I’m going to win.”
Again the run-off will be held on April 5. May the best candidate win.

The Mayor-elect was at 95th this morning

Location: 14 W 95th St, Chicago, IL 60620, USA

Video courtesy of ABC7Chicago. Here's another story from the Tribune:
A day after winning a decisive victory, Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel maintained his campaign routine of greeting commuters at early morning "L" stops.

"Congratulations mayor!" one man yelled as Emanuel walked into the 95th and Dan Ryan stop just before 8 a.m.

A woman tried to push her way through a gaggle of reporters and television cameras just to greet Emanuel.

"I heard he was going to be here and I just wanted to make sure I got here in time to see him," said Cathy Baker of the South Side, who voted for him.
The Trib article is via Capitol Fax who gives a run down of Chicago's municipal races from yesterday.

Curbed Chicago: A replica of the White House only blue

Location: 8401 S Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL 60619, USA
JP Paulus actually did a "Where am I" post on this house located @ 8401 S. Michigan Avenue just last summer. Accoring to Mark Boyer at Curbed, this house's selling price has been reduced to $899,900 in November from the original selling price of $1 million. Needless to say it's up for sale. And some history is provided:
The White House is nice and all, but sometimes it just seems a little too white. In Chatham, someone addressed the problem, building a 7,970-square-foot replica of the White House out of imported Italian blue brick. It really is something to see. Aside from its magnificent blueness, we don't know a great deal about this home. According to the slide show, the place was built in 1966 and it appears to have been updated fairly recently with cherry floors, granite-stainless kitchen finishes, and new bathroom finishes. There's a home office, but — sorry to disappoint — it looks nothing like the Oval Office. The home comes with almost a half-acre of gated property (the gate, by the way, is remote controlled).
Does anyone have close to $900K to buy this home?

Check out the slideshow here and the listing here

There are other run-offs in the surrounding wards

Those surrounding wards are the 16th, 17th, & 20th wards.

As the Chicago Defender reports:
Six incumbent aldermen in Black wards on the South and West sides must continue campaigning.

Failing to get at least 50 percent of the vote, Alds. Freddrenna Lyle (6th), Toni Foulkes (15th), JoAnn Thompson (16th), Latasha Thomas (17th), Willie Cochran (20th) and Sharon Dixon (24th) will fight to retain their seats in an April 5 runoff election.
Community organizer Hal Baskin is going after Thompson’s seat, who got 43 percent of the vote.

With 49 percent of the vote, Thomas must face David Moore in the runoff.

Cochran couldn’t escape a battle with rapper Che “Rhymefest” Smith. Cochran snagged 46 percent of the vote.
From the Chicago News Coop:
Incumbents in two traditionally volatile South Side wards are headed for runoffs. The irregularly shaped 15th and 16th wards, which include portions of Englewood, West Englewood, and surrounding communities, have lacked political power for years, and election-season scrums are frequent. Leadership of the 15th Ward, for example, has been decided by a runoff in five of the last six municipal elections. Four years ago organized labor contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars to help Toni Foulkes and JoAnn Thompson emerge from crowded fields to win in runoffs. They’ll need to win in the second round again if they want to hold their seats, since both finished first again this time around without getting outright majorities. Foulkes will face Southwest Airlines skycap Raymond Lopez while Thompson will square off against Hal Baskin, a former gang member whose background stirred up controversy in previous unsuccessful runs for the office.

Their neighbor, 17th Ward Alderman Latasha Thomas, is also headed for a runoff. With 89 percent of precincts reporting, the 11-year veteran, an ally of powerful Reverend Michael Pfleger and a key black City Council loyalist of Mayor Daley’s, had 49 percent of the vote to 19 percent for her closest challenger, Cook County employee David Moore.

In the 20th Ward, another rookie alderman, Willie Cochran, was forced into a runoff against Grammy Award-winning rapper Che “Rhymefest” Smith.

Cochran, a former cop, won the seat in 2007 after his predecessor, Arenda Troutman, was arrested for accepting bribes, but Smith said not enough had been done to reverse the fortunes of the depressed ward, which includes much of Woodlawn and Washington Park as well as slivers of Englewood and Back of the Yards. Cochran, meanwhile, highlighted Smith’s decade-old guilty plea on a misdemeanor domestic violence charge and six-year-old conviction on a gun charge. “That’s just what we need in an alderman,” Cochran told the Chicago News Cooperative.

“Low voter turnout is to blame,” Cochran said Tuesday. “Or Willie Cochran may be to blame because we didn’t go out and do the things that we needed to do.”

Smith called the results a victory for the community. “I think now young people see that we don’t have to just be rappers. We don’t have to just be athletes. We can be aldermen. We can be teachers. We can be more than our past presented. We can be more than our present dictates.”
In the other surrounding wards 5th, 8th, 9th and 21st Wards the incumbents there are staying put because they won their re-election bids yesterday.

Looks like we'll have a run-off...

Image from ProgressIL
Between Ald. Lyle and her challenger Roderick Sawyer for Alderman of the 6th Ward. All precincts have reported and the results are from the Board of Elections.
    RODERICK T. SAWYER - 3,748 - 24.96 %
    FREDDRENNA M. LYLE - 6,685 - 44.51 %
    BRIAN E. SLEET - 311 - 2.07 %
    SEKUM WALKER - 342 - 2.28 %
    RICHARD A. WOOTEN - 2,986 - 19.88 %
So we'll have a run-off on April 5th. Ald. Lyle prevailed in a runoff 8 years ago against the late Willye White in 2003.

One thing is certain in Chicago today, we will have a new mayor no run-off for that office. Former White House Chief of Staff & former Congressman Rahm Emanuel will be the new Mayor of Chicago.

Let's get back to the 6th for a second. Progress Illinois continued to follow the race for the 6th and they focused more on the race between the incumbent Alderman and Sawyer who also is the son of former 6th Ward Alderman and Mayor the late Eugene Sawyer. A video is posted below then a brief excerpt:

The video was filmed at St. Colombanus Catholic Church located @ 331 E. 71st St. Here's an excerpt:
Residents of the ward that Progress Illinois spoke to said violence and loitering were some of the main problems plaguing the area, motivating them to brave the chilly weather to cast their votes. Both candidates say the issue of crime can be best addressed if a new superintendent of police were installed to replace Jody Weis.

But that may be one of just a few instances in which they agree. The front-runners for the 6th Ward city council seat differ on several issues, according to a candidate questionnaire issued by TheSixthWard blog. When it comes to tax increment finance districts, Lyle is in support of using tax increment financing (TIF) funds for economic development in the area. Meanwhile, Sawyer says the ward has become too reliant on TIFs and would like to impose a moratorium on the creation of new districts if elected alderman. Sawyer is also in support of bringing video gambling to the area, while Lyle is not.
130 people voted at St. Colombanus at about 3 PM on Tuesday when Progress Illinois showed up on the scene.

Did you vote yesterday? What motivated you to vote for any of the candidates for 6th Ward Aldermen?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Live election coverage at WGN


You can also go to WGN to watch their live feed in case you're not near a TV or whatever. Live election coverage here at The Sixth Ward as polls will close in 17 minutes!

The precinct at Harlan High School today

At about 11:16 AM I went to my polling place in the small gym at Harlan. At that point 81 people had cast their ballots. Campaign signs were at the 97th & Michigan corner across the street for Wooten, Lyle, and Sawyer. There were also a couple of signs for Rahm Emanuel.

There were cones which denoted where campaigning must stop. I do believe there were two people standing outside of this zone but off to the side. Assuming that they're campaign workers.

What's going on in your precincts today?

Chicago Ward Population Change: 2000-2010

Population change throughout the city by ward
It looks like the 6th Ward has lost population we are deep red with a loss somewhere between -13,409 to -7,500. WOW! Here are the numbers for the 6th.
  • 2000-2010 Population Change in Ward 6
    Total: -8,015
    Black NL: -8,209
    White NL: 61
    Latino: 94
    Asian NL: 4
    Other NL: 35
Then here's the Black Non-Latino (NL) population change here in the 6th
  • 2000-2010 Black, Non-Latino Population Change in Ward 6 
    Black NL 2000: 56,644
    Black NL 2010: 48,435
    Black # Chg: -8,209
    Black hg: -14.9
You can check out these numbers for yourself around the city here. That's where I got this data from. The map above is a screen shot from that link I provided.

Lee Bey has already started a discussion about Chicago's population loss and whether or not Chicago should be a more populous city. The discussion over census results had started ever since some statistics trickled in last week.

Hat-tip for the map goes to Capitol Fax and you can also read these items from there as well as they are regarding today's municipal election.

Concerned Citizens of Chatham: It's Time To Vote

Worlee couldn't have said it better himself. Today is election day. I will have a post up about going to vote today later. What's going on in your precincts today? Please let us know!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Chicago Muckrakers on violence in Black wards & election 2011

You can read more over at Chicago Muckrakers.

Unfortunately the election campaigns are almost over. While I'm sure the candidates have taken a stand on crime in our community here in the 6th. Hopefully when this election is over - whether tomorrow or in a possible run off - we can continue this discussion of crime and violence in our community. Hopefully we can have this discussion with whomever prevails not only in the 6th Ward, but throughout the city.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mayoral candidates on Red Line extension

Well I blogged at least twice on Rahm Emanuel's plans for extending the Red Line to 130th Street. It appears the other candidates are talking about it as well. Taking excerpts from the CTA Tattler:

City Clerk Miguel Del Valle:
  • Ranking CTA expansion plans:
    1. Red Line south to 130th Street
    2. Orange Line to the Ford City Mall
    NO Downtown Circulator
    3. Downtown-O'Hare Express
Former US Senator Carol Moseley Braun:
  • Extend the Red Line to 130th Street.
    I will work to secure the necessary federal funds, and explore private funds, to build the extension of the Red Line to 130th Street to finally connect the Far South Side of Chicago with the CTA rail network.
Finally former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel:

  • Expand and revitalize the Red Line
    The Red Line is the backbone of Chicago's rail transit system for about half the city, carrying nearly 250,000 riders each workday and accounting for 40% of all CTA rail trips. Rahm's first transit priority will be a complete overhaul of the Red Line: rebuilding deteriorating tracks south to 95th Street, extending the line south to 130th and renovating and modernizing Red Line stations and track north of Belmont.
    The south section track repair will improve a ten-mile stretch of track from 18th to 95th Street and eliminate slow zones. As existing track is repaired, the Red Line extension will add four new station south of 95th at 103rd, 111th, 115th and 130th Streets, extending the line an additional 5.5 miles. The extension will provide substantial relief at 95th - the CTA's busiest station outside of downtown - and significantly improve bus and rail connections and overall service in an area that is heavily dependent upon affordable transit as an essential service. Together, the southern improvements and extensions accomplish several important economic development objectives including improving commute times for far south residents to downtown, establishing convenient bus links to growing far south employment centers and creating regional industrial and commercial development opportunities in and near the new stations.
Well Rahm had more to say about the Dan Ryan line and the possible extension to 130th than both Moseley Braun & Del Valle. So far nothing from former Schools President Gery Chico, Dock Walls or Patricia Van Pelt Watkins. 

    Campaign activity

    Concerned Citizen's of Chatham (CCC) blog wants to know more about activity in the ward since this campaign is about to wind down here in the 6th. Worlee noted activity from the Wooten, Sawyer and Lyle campaigns.

    On our FB page a neighbor noted that a worker from SEIU dropped off some campaign materials at her doorstep. BTW, this note may be irrelevant the SEIU in fact sponsors the Progress Illinois website who wrote about the 6th Ward race on Friday.

    If you were on Wooten's FB page you saw that their campaign movement almost in real time as they moved around the ward throughout the day. Mainly along King Drive. It was even alleged that the Alderman attempted to stop Wooten's campaign motorcade.

    Oh yeah Worlee's CCC FB page got a comment from Ay-Sha who said there were no reported sightings of 6th Ward candidates in Englewood at all yesterday. Ald. Lyle chimed in by saying that she was in the 6th Ward portion of Englewood yesterday.

    While Wooten was out campaigning he wrote a note which tagged both our FB page and CCC FB to respond to a comment Ald. Lyle posted to the CCC page. Alderman Lyle put out yet another response to this via e-mail.

    Brain Sleet also has a parting message for the final weekend of this campaign. I hope he was out here like Sawyer, Lyle and Wooten.

    OK on that note that's it for the round-up. Are there any other last minute campaign events coming up before people go to the polls on Tuesday?

    UPDATE: Man killed by Red Line train last night at 87th

    An update to a post from last night. That very article I posted had been updated:

    A man was struck and killed by a southbound CTA Red Line train Saturday night, officials said.

    The collision occurred just before 9:30 p.m. at the 87th Street stop, CTA spokeswoman Wanda Taylor said. She did not have details about how the collision occurred.

    The man appeared to be in his 30s and was dead on the scene, according to the Cook County medical examiner's office

    A spokeswoman for Chicago police said that officers responded to the scene but declined to offer futher details.

    Power was shut off to the tracks during the investigation and trains were restored to full service about 12:15 a.m. Sunday. During the shutdown, service remained normal between 79th Street and Howard, while shuttle buses operated between the 79th Street and 95th Street train stops, Taylor added.

    Two left lanes on the Dan Ryan Expressway were closed until 11:35 p.m., according to an Illinois State Police District Chicago trooper.

    Saturday, February 19, 2011

    Person struck by CTA Red Line train on South Side

    Found this Chicago Breaking News article from Worlee's Concerned Citizen's of Chatham FB page
    A person was struck by a southbound CTA Red Line train tonight, officials said.

    The collision occurred just before 9:30 p.m. at the 87th Street stop, CTA spokeswoman Wanda Taylor said.

    Taylor said she didn't know the person's condition, or have details about how the collision occurred.

    A spokeswoman for Chicago police said that officers were on the scene, but also couldn't offer details.

    A Fire Department spokesman said paramedics did not make any transports, and said the scene was under control of police.

    Authorities shut down power to the tracks, Taylor said. While service remained normal between 79th Street and Howard, shuttle buses were operating between the 79th Street and 95th Street train stops, Taylor added.
    Hopefully all are OK!

    The Historic Chicago Bungalow and Green Home Expo Has Returned!

    The Historic Chicago Bungalow and Green Home Expo is coming on Saturday April 9th at the Merchandise Mart located @ 222 Merchandise Mart Plaza. I know there are many condos not only in Chicago's 6th Ward, but throughout the general community as well. Hopefully when you attend this expo you can relay to us what you learned from this event.


    Progress Illinois checks out the race for the 6th Ward

    They focus on the race between Ald. Lyle and Roderick Sawyer. They make us aware that Sawyer is the son of former 6th Ward Alderman and Mayor of Chicago, Eugene Sawyer. Of course noted as well is that he's not the only child of a politican seeking office around the city on Tuesday.

    Also an honorable mention to us because of Worlee's questionnaire to which only Ald. Lyle and Sawyer had actually responded. PI honed in on the issues of video gambling and TIFs, which were mentioned in Worlee's questionnaire.

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    Look at these holes in the street

    On a familiar intersection at 96th & Prairie...
    This top hole you have seen before. At one time this hole contained the carcass of a dead cat at one point during the past summer. The hole is still there after all these months.

    At the same intersection another much larger hole that needs to be filled in. Looks like there are markers that alert us to it's existence. At first there was a metal cover over this hole but it has been removed apparently. All the remnants of this blizzard has melted away and we see holes on this sidestreet.

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    Should've been on top of the sample ballots already....

    Forgot to add Cassandra Goodrum-Burton for some reason oops!

    Some of you may already know, but I think it's past time that this blog shows the ballot positions of the candidates for Alderman of the 6th Ward. We already know about Roderick Sawyer who was able to drop the top ballot position but as for everyone else:

    51 - Roderick T. Sawyer
    52 - Freddrenna M. Lyle
    53 - Brian E. Sleet
    55 - Sekum Walker
    56 - Cassandra Goodrum-Burton
    57 - Richard A. Wooten

    I will offer the ballot position over at the 2011 page as well.

    You can get a sample ballot over at the Chicago Elections website

    Campaign test -- 1 week results.

    On Monday Feb 7 (Monday after the blizzard), my wife and i began an experiment. We either sent e-mails or left voice messages asking each of the 6 campaigns to send us material to help us determine if we should vote for them. The separate requests either asked for the material to be sent to our home, or to a 60619 P.O. Box.

    We received 2 e-mail acknowledgements, and a promise that material would be sent soon. This was from Cassandra Goodrum-Burton and Brian Sleet.

    But as of Wednesday afternoon, neither the P.O. Box or our home mailbox had any specific mail form the campaigns. We did receive material, but it looks like it was part of the registered voter database. There didn't seem to be anything specific to us (i.e. it's like no one took the time to make sure we had everything to help us in our decision).

    Now, it COULD be a problem with the post office...a Medill School of Journalism (Northwestern University) grad student will be publishing a story on our recent problems with the post office...but after all this time, can just the post office be blamed? Is it true that none of the campaigns actually sent us the material we asked?

    In 2007, i had varied responses:

    Fredrenna Lyle's office had a packet dropped off at our door within days, which included newspapers articles, brochures, etc. (This was after either a call or e-mail)

    Karin Norington Reeves conversed with me via Facebook

    When I stopped by Eugene Davis' campaign office, they only had an old newspaper with an article. I left my contact info, and found out that they had signed me up to be a volunteer -- thought at that point, i simply wanted to LEARN more about him as a candidate.

    I received no response from Thelma Andrews.

    For 2011, I was hoping to get a better response...not a "no response"

    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    Chicago Defender endorses Ald. Lyle

    Amongst other candidates from around the city:
    In the 6th Ward, incumbent Freddrenna Lyle deserves to be returned to council. Lyle has been committed to making her ward safer and giving her constituents access to jobs and economic development. She has strong ideas on how to deal with the city’s chronic and structural budget problems. She wants council more involved in how the school board is selected.
    Do you agree or disagree?

    Last day of Early Voing is tomorrow (Thursday)!

    Just a quick reminder -- tomorrow is the LAST DAY to early vote.

    In the 6th ward, you may do so at Whitney Young Library, 7901 S. King Drive, from 9am - 5pm.

    My wife and I voted there today. The staff there was VERY nice and encouraging. The turnout on Wednesday was pretty slow, but it made voting that much easier.

    There is a designated area where candidates and supports may NOT pass. On Wednesday we saw Rod Sawyer and his supporters, as well as supporters of Rich Wooten and Fredrenna Lyle just outside of the zone, vying for votes.

    Also note, ANY resident of Chicago, whether from the 50th to 1st, can vote here at Whitney Young. So bring a friend and/or co-worker!

    If you have any questions on voting, contact the Chicago Board of Elections

    For a Better Chicago robo-polling / LIVE poll

    I just received (on Sunday night) a telephone robo-survey from For a Better Chicago (855-771-0040).

    They just asked 2 questions:

    1) Which 6th Ward aldermanic are you voting for (inluding an option 7 if you don't know/other)
    2) What issue is important to you (my family interrupted me, so i can't give you all of the options)

    At this time, For A Better Chicago did not have an endorsement so this poll might be helpful for them. The PAC did have a list of their endorsements as compared to other organizational endorsements.

    Did anyone else receive this call?

     Is there any way to receive the results?

    Also, on Tuesday i received a LIVE call from 1-200-200-0000.

    This particular question asked who i would vote for in the 6th ward race. However, only 3 choices were give: Ald. Lyle, Rod Sawyer, and Brian Sleet.

    Whoever authorized that poll evidently thinks that Richard Wooten, Sekum Walker, and Cassandra Goodrum-Walker are not contenders. The surveyors identified themselves by an abbreviation, but i forgot the letters. Anyone else get this poll?

    MEDILL: Blizzard aftermath: Spotty mail delivery for some South Side residents

    This Medill Reports article was published on Feb. 10, 2011. Was looking for this one as interest was expressed by the reporter Kelly Zimmerman and our own JP Paulus was quoted in this article. Also noted was the response from our FB page or in fact it's referred to here as our FB community. May be continue to bring issues that affect our community to the forefront.

    Our Candidate's Questionnaire

    There have been several candidate forums for the 6th ward Alderman and the newspapers have had questionnaires and made endorsements.

    All this is fine but the issues most important to the residents of the 6th ward have gone unanswered. Residents can't say they are scared to walk down 79th street, most residents kids go to schools in the neighborhood and most buy groceries in the area. The candidates have been given a pass on having to talk about the ward and been given the opportunity to be attorneys and police officers and street preachers.

    In the real world the residents are not going to search YouTube and Vimeo to get answers. They do not want to get answers from "social media experts".

    So our questions have come from YOU and your concerns. We sent the questionnaire to every candidate and all acknowledge but only two return the questionnaire. So the answers to the questions are from candidate Freddrenna Lyle and Roderick Sawyer.

    Questions for the Candidates] Final

    Please comment and let your feeling be known.

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    GCA Mayoral forum on CAN-TV - *this* WED and FRI morning!

    An update to JP Paulus' post I didn't catch it on Monday morning. GCA offered an updated scheduled showing of the forum for 8:30 AM Wednesday on Channel 21 and of course one more on Friday morning at 10 AM on Channel 19. This is for those who are able to recieve CAN-TV on their cable services. If you have satellite you may not have CAN-TV.

    Also it appears that GCA will offer a link to the 6th Ward Aldermanic forums to be shared whether on blogs such as this one or on social networking websites such as Facebook. Also from the e-mail...
    However, Shawn Bell, the cameraman is offering a link that you can use on your website and Facebook page that connects you to his server.

    This will allow folks who do not have Comcast to see the entire forum via your website and Facebook page.

    He is charging $20 for the link connection to offset his hosting the entire video on his server.

    You can pay him in cash or a money order.
    How's that for sharing? I should pay the money, but I would imagine it's just easier to find a website such as YouTube, Blip, or even Vimeo to host the video. I admire the videographer for working with GCA to distribute his work but if he reads this post,  I'm posting my ideas. Hopefully this won't corrupt the footage as the GCA e-mail claims that putting the forum on DVD would.

    If you want the information to get into touch with Bell e-mail the blog I can forward that information to you if you're not on the GCA distribution list.

    An updated release for the update airings of the Aldermanic forum is here!

    Chicago population drops 200,000 as blacks go

    Looks like the information from the 2010 census and the data from it is slowly coming out from Greg Hinz:
    The city of Chicago lost 200,000 people during the past decade, as an influx of whites and Asians was more than offset by a historic drop in the African-American population. The Hispanic population of the city proper stayed about even.
    Democratic congressmen, particularly those representing mostly minority districts, will have to scramble to save their jobs in upcoming congressional reapportionment.

    The four smallest districts in the state, population wise, are represented by Congressmen Bobby Rush (1st), Luis Gutierrez (4th), Jesse Jackson Jr. (2nd) and Danny Davis (7th). 

    In Chicago itself, the population slipped from 2,896,014 in 2000 to 2,695,598 as of spring 2010, when the census was conducted.

    Most notable is the decrease in the black population, which went from 1.053 million to 888,000. The Hispanic figure was near constant, rising about 25,000 to 778,000. The white population increased, but that may be due in part to those of Hispanic origin listing their race as white.
    The question is where are they going and why? Is it because we have torn down the housing projects? Is it because of the public schools here? Is it about jobs or the price for quality of life?

    Via Newsalert and hopefully more to be said at YoChicago

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    Sistrunk: Why I feel We Need A Change of Alderman in the Sixth Ward on Feb 22nd.

    This post over at Ronald Sistrunk's new blog talks about why he believes it's time for a change here in the 6th. Although to be sure I think it's an exageration to say that crime here rivals "the Saint Valentine's Day Era". That was perhaps an allusion to the St. Valentine's Day massacre of 1929. In any event comments are locked her and hopefully you might offer your thoughts at his blog.

    Also Sistrunk was a potential Aldermanic challenger, but didn't file petitions to run this year.

    Two blotter reports of interest....

    This homicide report should raise our collective eyebrows. Well I know that there have been homicides in our community, but this is the first I have seen reported on EveryBlock (who just so happen to provide a widget for the Blotter):
    Then a carjacking:
    I hope someone knows something about this homicide and I hope that every stays careful out there. Don't want to see anymore carjackings out there! 

        Sunday, February 13, 2011

        GCA 6th Ward Aldermanic forum on CAN-TV Feb 14 and 18

        Greater Chatham Alliance just announced the CAN-TV schedule of the 6th Ward Aldermanic debate, held at Kennedy-King College on January 22nd

        here is their press release:
        Did you miss attending the 6th Ward Aldermanic Forum sponsored by the Greater Chatham Alliance Community Council?

        Well, here's your chance to get a closer glimpse at the platforms and perspectives offered by the candidates running for the 6th Ward Alderman seat.

        GCA would like to thank again the following community groups for their participation at the forum: Sustainable Englewood Initiatives, Park Manor Neighbors Community Council, Roseland Heights Community Association and the West Chesterfield Community Association.

        CAN-TV channels can only be seen on the COMCAST Cable Network

        Unfortunately, satellite companies like DISH Network and DIRECT TV don't carry it.

        Program Schedule

        Monday, February 14, 10 a.m. on Channel 21

        Friday, February 18, 10 a.m. on Channel 19

        Be sure to tape the show if you are working during those dates.

        And please-- email, or call your friends, neighbors and family members who live throughout the ward and alert them to this schedule.

        6th Ward communities include: Chatham, Chesterfield, Englewood (a section), Park Manor, Roseland Heights and West Chesterfield.

        Remember Early Voting ends: Thursday, February 17

        Election Day is: Tuesday, February 22

        An informed community is an educated community.
        The press release states that CAN-TV can only be seen on Comcast. Can TV should be on other providers such as RCN, WOW and others. (AT & T may not have it).
        Let us know your perspective.

        Saturday, February 12, 2011

        Big Changes Planned for Garbage Collection

        Chicago News Coop:
        Less than two weeks before the election to succeed Daley, a spokesman for the administration told the Chicago News Cooperative on Friday that officials would begin implementing a new, grid-based waste pick-up system that would supplant the entrenched ward-by-ward approach in at least part of the city.

        The move comes just months after the city’s inspector general — in a report that many aldermen panned — said the city could save more than $64 million in the first two years with the sort of grid system that virtually every other major U.S. city employs.

        Streets and Sanitation spokesman Matt Smith said Friday that the decision followed a pilot grid-based collection program in an unspecified part of the city last year. The city already collects recyclables on a grid-based routes.

        “Based on those efforts, we are planning to expand grid-based garbage collection to more areas this spring,” Smith said in an e-mail. “We believe expanding this effort to the whole city becomes even more important as ward boundaries are set to change later in the year, and re-configuring routes based on a grid instead of new ward boundaries just makes sense.”

        Market Fisheries

        This [VIDEO] is of Market Fisheries located @ 7129 S. State Street. Captured in a video from The Grid, a new video series by Gaper's Block. They also provided an article from July 2009 by Rick Kogan about this establishment:
        It will not remind you of the pristine fish displays at Whole Foods or whichever supermarket you visit, but the seafood at Market Fisheries is a wonder to behold and, to hear tell, pretty tasty once it has been taken home and cooked.

        On most days the tiny shop at 7129 S. State St., hard by the Dan Ryan Expressway, is jammed with shoppers, each holding a numbered piece of paper signifying his or her place in a line that often snakes out the door and each ogling as many as 25 species of fresh fish, as well as oysters, chicken and all manner of frozen fish.

        "I'll have 20 pounds of chicken wings," George Thornton shouted before turning to tell us, "I just bought 20 pounds two days ago. This is barbecue season, and it's like I'm feeding my whole neighborhood."
        Catfish is the most popular item. Stay in the shop long enough and you will learn that older customers prefer channel catfish. They will tell you that "farm-raised catfish just doesn't taste right, though the younger people seem to like it just fine."

        Henry Humphrey, the man in the glasses and hat in Osgood's photograph, is 94 and has been coming to the store almost since the day it opened in 1957. Another customer, Jacob Niles, said, "I first came here with my grandmother, every Saturday, 30 years ago. I never eat fish in restaurants because I don't know where that fish came from or how old it is."

        The fish here are not dressed up as they are in the chilled glass cases of supermarkets. But they all -- boneless buffalo fish, smelt, whitefish, trout, walleye pike, shrimp, bass, red snapper, tilapia ... we hope you get the idea -- look as fresh as if just caught, lying together in small tubes nestled in ice.
        Have anyone reading this blog, been to this establishment. Do you have any feedback to offer for those who have never been?

        Friday, February 11, 2011

        U. of C. prof is CPS' new chief education officer

        U. of C. prof is CPS' new chief education officer - Chicago Breaking News

        I'm sure that many are applauding this. Especially for those who didn't like the administration of Ron Huberman who left his post last fall:
        Chicago Public Schools Interim CEO Terry Mazany today announced the appointment of University of Chicago professor Charles Payne as the school system's new chief education officer, but he won't have the job long.

        The chief education officer is the No. 2 position at CPS and has been vacant since the end of June when Barbara Eason-Watkins, who was well respected for her work during Arne Duncan’s tenure, left the district to become superintendent of the Michigan City, Ind., public schools.

        Joking that he was the "65th person" Mazany asked, Payne, 62, said his main job in the next 90 days is to facilitate the writing of an education plan for the district that may be useful for a future administration.

        "We can begin to vet and explore some ideas that may help the next mayor or next chief executive officer get off to a faster start," Payne said. "We can do some work so they don't have to repeat that."

        He also wants to "start a conversation between stakeholder groups that don't necessarily talk to each other."
        There are those who are concerned about the fact that Payne has no experience teaching in a public school classroom on either the elementary or secondary-level. His education experience is on the post-secondary level. To that Payne remarks:
        "My job is not to teach," Payne said. "My job is to facilitate writing an education plan."
        I know that people have looked to used this 2011 municipal election as a place to make some changes at CPS. One came out with a proposal to change the composition of the school board and not only that make it entirely elected. There are many who believe the CEO of the public schools should have education experience.

        To which I say that there is a need for a person who has education experience at the top of the Chicago Public Schools. Of course they need not have to have experience teaching in a classroom, but they should know about education policy. Hopefully they can communicate the policy to those who actually are working at the schools.

        To manage a system that has according to Wikipedia has 675 schools (elementary, charter, and secondary) and 403,279 students as of 2009-2010. You need people of different skill sets. Of course you need educators whether they acutally teach or just people who are able to create education policy. Also you need managers who know how to allocate resources where they are needed. Especially needed are people who have financial expertise who can craft a budget for such a large system. Also, if one can prove able to not only be an educator but a manager as well and be able to navigate both roles that shouldn't be a problem.

        South Side man 12th cold-related death

        South Side man 12th cold-related death - The SouthtownStar

        Sometimes I'm not always timely, but I do often like to show that there are places you can go to get out of the cold. To be sure however I'm not certain what this man's circumstances were:

        An elderly man found unresponsive Feb. 4 outside his South Side home died in part because of the cold, marking at least the 12th cold-related death in Cook County this winter.

        Fred Battle, 80, of the 7300 block of South Cottage Grove Avenue, was found unresponsive outside his home and pronounced dead at 11:52 a.m. Feb. 4 at University of Chicago Hospitals, the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office said.

        Battle died of hypertensive cardiovascular disease, but cold exposure was a secondary cause of his death, according to an autopsy performed Tuesday. His death was ruled an accident.
        I'm sure a lot of us could do better jobs on this, but we need to check on our elderly and be sure that they're taking care of during any extreme weather whether we're talking heat or the cold snap we're currently experiencing.

        Here's a link to warming and cooling centers around the city.

        Thursday, February 10, 2011

        Chicago Retail Space for Lease - 4,800 sf

        Location: E 71st St & S Rhodes Ave, Chicago, IL 60619, USA

        One piece of information you would find if you check out our Blotter page from time to time is real estate listings whether for homes, apartments, or even commercial properties such as this near 71st & Rhodes provided by So my assumption is, although there was no direct address provided, that this is the place that is listed. Should be on the southwest corner of 71st & Rhodes. The Google streetview provided is on the southwest corner of 71st & Rhodes.

        Check out this mailer from Ald. Lyle...

        It's a huge mailer and not something I could have scanned as my scanner can't render a document not much larger than 8x12. So I had to settle for only this one page. A shame too because inside the mailer is a map of the 6th Ward with many of Ald. Lyle's accomplishments and where they took place whether we're talking about schools, streetlights, or curb/gutter repair. The listing you see was cropped from the page you will see below.

        All of those businesses are in place indeed we have several McDonald's and Burger Kings here in the 6th. Fresh Produce Grocery, I'm assuming, is in fact Fresh Family Foods near 95th & King Drive. Of course Fresh Family Foods is owned by Quench I Love Food Group who also owns the Quench restaurants in addition to Five Loaves Breakfast Cafe which is across the street from the Alderman's office near 75th & King Drive

        But on thing I find curious, Garrett's Popcorn coming in summer 2011? Very cool to know that in the near future I no longer have to go downtown for caramel/chesse popcorn mix. There must be more about this although preferably not more news in the form of a campaign mailer.

        Either way interesting to know that Garrett's is coming to a neighborhood location, but then the next question is where?

        Wednesday, February 9, 2011

        Chatham SSA Discussed at CBA Meeting

        Photo by Thelma Sardin
        This isn't exactly an old topic as the idea of SSA has been seen here on the blog before. Story from The Citizen Newspapers:

        The new SSA (Special Service Area) #51 for Chatham was the topic of Tuesday’s February Chatham Business Association (CBA) meeting. The CBA invited business owners and community members to participate in the discussion. Guest speakers included Anita Wilson, SSA #42 program manager and Krisann Rehbein of the Chicago Architectural Foundation. Rehbein spoke at last month’s CBA meeting about the importance of having community tours and how they can bring commerce to Chatham. At Tuesday’s meeting, Rehbein updated the body announcing that several people had contacted her since the last meeting to identify structures in Chatham.

        The purpose of a SSA is to promote community improvement by strengthening community businesses. Businesses are strengthened with security, beautification and marketing initiatives through an SSA program.

        Karletta Kelly, assistant executive director of the CBA, informed that there are only eight SSA’s on the south side of Chicago out of 51 city wide. “That tells you other parts of the city are taking advantage of this very wonderful program, an opportunity to provide services for small businesses,” said Kelly.

        Wilson admitted that SSA’s have a stigma. “We have to raise the dollars by a property tax, but you get so much more than that when you really look at it,” she said adding that commerce increases in the community because of the added safety and cleanliness the SSA provides.

        Joseph Caldwell, CBA Vice Chair for Economic Development informed that the SSA is not affiliated with CBA operations.

        “SSA is not a CBA subsidy. It is an entity within itself,” he said.

        SSA #51 has five commissioners’ applicants who have applied with the City of Chicago to oversee the program. The commissioners’ duties include regulating funding and insuring taxpayers get the most for their money. Kelly mentioned that training for the prospective commissioners will occur at the end of February.
        The people pictured above are applicants for SSA commissioners. They're identified by the Citizen as quoted below:
        SSA Commissioner applicants (l to r) Veta Caldwell-Charles, Stanley C. Rakestraw, Britt L. Savage, Darrell Garth and CBA executive board members (l to r) Joseph Caldwell, vice-chairman, Marino Orlandi, president, and Karletta Kelly, assistant executive director.

        Wal-Mart, South Side workers chafe under union agreement

        Wal-Mart Stores Inc. executives hand-delivered a strong anti-union message when they met with South Side construction workers to discuss building stores in Chicago's Chatham and Pullman neighborhoods.

        About 70 people attending the meeting Tuesday evening lobbed heated questions about whether the nation's largest retailer would be able to use non-union labor and neighborhood workers to construct two Wal-Mart supercenters.

        Wal-Mart has an agreement with the area's major construction union to build all new stores in Northern Illinois during the next three years with union labor.

        But many neighborhood workers who attended the meeting said they are not union members and criticized the unions.

        An executive for Wal-Mart, known for its opposition to organized labor, shared attendees' frustrations.

        “We want everyone to be in play, but we can't do that here because of restrictions,” said Tony Malbranche, director of construction for the Arkansas-based retail giant. “We're trying to work this issue behind the scenes. It's going to take a lot more work to make sure people from the neighborhoods are involved.”
        Read the whole thing!

        Tuesday, February 8, 2011

        VIDEO: Chicago Tonight - Aldermanic races

        [VIDEO] Carin Marin leads the discussion on the various Aldermanic races throughout the city with Aldertrak (Early & Often) Jimm Dispensa, Chicago Public Radio (CPR) reporter Natalie Moore, and finally Chris Fusco from the Chicago Sun-Times. This video is 14 minutes and you will see a passing mention of 6th Ward Aldermanic challenger Roderick Sawyer. This segment aired January 31st.

        Cook's black-owned business count topped counties nationwide, census says

        Cook County had 83,733 black-owned businesses in 2007, more than any other U.S. county, according to the Census Bureau.

        Data released Tuesday shows a 58% increase between 2002 and 2007, bringing the number of black-owned businesses in the greater Chicago area to 101,586. Receipts totaled $6.8 billion, up 42% over the five-year period. The 2007 count is the most recent available.

        Despite that torrid pace, national growth rates for black-owned firms were even higher, according to data from the 2007 Survey of Business Owners, released Tuesday. The number of black-owned businesses in the U.S. reached 1.9 million, an increase of about 61%, while receipts rose 55% to $137.5 billion.
        Now to attract some of those businesses here.

        VIDEO: African American Bank

        [VIDEO] Seaway Bank was featured on the WCIU program You & Me last Friday. You will see Walter Grady, said to be the longest serving bank CEO in Chicago as well as feedback from bank customers. Duration is about a minute and a half.

        Early and Often poll on upcoming races

        Jimm Dispensa of Aldertrack and Early & Often  posted this survey on Facebook...asking for predictions for the upcoming elections (mayor, clerk, and all disputed Alderman's races)

        Monday, February 7, 2011

        Chatham/Avalon Park Community Council: 6th Ward Monthly Ward Meeting

        UPDATED 7:44 PM Here is a flyer for this month's meeting from the Ald's office

        For an interesting change the Chatham/Avalon Park Community Council blog beats us to the punch of alerting us to this month's Aldermanic meeting:
        • February 10, 2011 (Thursday) 6:30pm - 9:00pm
          Wesley United Methodist Church
          201 E. 95th Street
        I expect that there will be more details as to what happens at this meeting in the near future.

          UPDATED: Fox Chicago News Friday - focusing on the 6th Ward

          At least 2 stories on Friday night's Fox Chicago news featured our ward.

          I just found one story with Tisha Lewis reporting at first from 73rd & Prairie - Levois
          The most prominent was about the snow removal (or lack thereof), with a big map of our ward and examples, such as 73rd and Prairie.

          They reported that Ald. Lyle received 200 complaints.

          Scott Waguespack threw out an idea i was thinking about -- showing a map of who gets what done and when.

          We're at a place technologically where we could easily create a color codeed map to show when streets wer ebeing served.

          Darlene Hill then did a story on Army &  Lou's. They noted that the catering business is still open, so there is certianly hope that the restaurant itself can come back.

          We can post a link if available.

          Free parking -- until TUESDAY at 9am

          Just a reminder that you can park by a meter for FREE (if ther eis any room) , but ONLY until 9am on Tuesday.

          This would be a great time to visit buisnesses hit hard by the blizzard.

          This applies for every neighborhood outside of downtown (loosely bounded between North Ave., & Roosevelt, Halsted to the lake)

          Community banking: ShoreBank's new name and mission

          I intended to post the video above before the blizzard hit, but now is as good an opportunity as any.

          There's also this story from CPR:
          Some five months later, ShoreBank has new owners and a new name – Urban Partnership Bank. But is their mission the same? And how are they managing the troubled loans that helped lead to the closure of ShoreBank?

          Eight Forty-Eight
          spoke to William Farrow, President and CEO of Urban Partnership Bank to find out.
          Listen to the audio!

          Chicago Public radio's Natalie Moore has a new book -events THIS week

          Natalie Moore is a Chicago Public Radio reporter, based at their South Side Bureau in Englewood.

          She grew up in Chatham and is a member at Crerar Memorial Presbyterian Church.

          She has written a book.

          Here's a Facebook announcement:

          my next book comes out 2/1

          hope you can make it to a reading!

          Natalie Y. Moore and Lance Williams will participate in a launch party and book signing from 7:00 pm—9:00 pm at The Experimental Station (6100 S. Blackstone Ave., Chicago, IL 60637) on February 7. Salim Muwakkil, senior editor at In These Times and host of WVON’s “The Salim Muwakkil Show,” will lead the discussion. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Connie Spreen at (773) 241-6041.

          02/08/2011, 6:00PM


          A discussion on gangs with John Hagedorn, author of "A World of Gangs: Armed Young Men and Gangsta Culture."

          200 S. Michigan Ave., 22nd floor, Chicago, IL

          02/10/2011, 6:00PM

          57TH STREET BOOKS

          1301 East 57th St., Chicago, IL


          02/15/2011, 5:30PM


          740 West 63rd St., Chicago, IL


          02/28/2011, 6:30PM


          6 S. Hoyne Ave., Chicago, IL


          To book an interview with Natalie Y. Moore or Lance Williams or for more information about their book, The Almighty Black P Stone Nation (Lawrence Hill, February 1, 2011), please contact Laura Di Giovine, Senior Publicist, Independent Publishers Group, (312) 337-0747 ext. 282 or

          Concerned Citizens of Chatham: CSU Resource Fair

          Worlee at Concerned Citizens of Chatham, provides pictures and a brief report about last Satuday's resource fair. Also noted is the elected officials (including Alderman Lyle) there in addition to the many city, county, and state agencies. Also Worlee makes note about the absence of the community organizations:
          It should be noted that all the community based organizations of the 6th ward were invited only the West Chatham Improvement Association participated. If the CBO's want to be taken serious they are going to have to step up and work with other organizations.
          Also expect there to be another such event in the future from Chicago State.

          Tribune endorses Cassandra Goodrum Burton...

          Well this link provided endorsements for the first 10 wards of the city council:
          6th Ward: All but two of the public schools in this ward are on probation. Foreclosure rates are high. U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush even threatened to move his congressional office elsewhere because of violent crime in the area. The ward needs a leader who is committed to reducing violence, pushing for education reform and bringing jobs and economic development. Ald. Freddrenna M. Lyle hasn't provided that strong leadership. Business groups say she at least listens to them on some issues now, but this ward could do better. This may be a race between Lyle and Roderick Sawyer, son of the late mayor Eugene Sawyer. But the strongest candidate is Cassandra Goodrum Burton, a former assistant state's attorney who specializes in family and juvenile justice issues in private practice. She was head of the local school council for McDade Classical School. She's firmly committed to development. "If you have people not working at all," she told us, "any job is better than none." She wants to work with Chicago State University to turn the college into the ward's economic engine, much like UIC has been for the Near West Side. Goodrum-Burton is endorsed. There are three other candidates.

          Sunday, February 6, 2011

          More alley clean ups needs

          Well this comment was posted for an interesting change on the "Blotter". The only refer to themselves as trapped:
          trapped said...

          Ald. Lyle! Streets and San! Help!

          The 7600 alley between Vernon and Eberhart has not been flattened. Was it skipped from some reason? I'm in the middle of the block and need to get several children to and from school.
          February 6, 2011 4:17 PM
          Today on the FB page another man vents about not being able to get through his alley
          All I want to know is why haven't the city been down my alley with a truck to make track's. I am at 75th and Perry. My car is stuck in the garage and I can't get 100 feet without getting stuck. We have atleast an average of 3ft. with a high of atleast 5ft. I need to get supplies for my family not to mention take my... children to daycare and get to work on monday.

          In addition I have posted additional pictures of an alley in the Blizzard pics album. Check out the comments there. Ald. Lyle even chimed in on alley clean-up:
          Yesterday the City cleared 150 alleys, pulled garbage from 32 alleys, opened streets and intersections. They continue to work today to clear more alleys. The ward extends from 67th & Green to 99 & Cottage, so there are a lot of alleys to clear.
          It appears help is on the way, but it may well take some time.

          BTW, the alley of which I have been taking pics well it was halfway cleared thanks to a private contractor. A nice family on that block paid $500 for their services. Of course thanks to a van that has been parking back there more work needs to be done to clear that alley, yet.

          Feel free to continue to let us know about what's going on in your area as far as your streets and alleys. Send an e-mail to thesixthward @ Or just write on the FB page. If you use Twitter send a tweet to us @thesixthward. You can always write a comment here on the blog as well.

          Also if you have pictures to share send them to We'll just add them to the blizzard album with proper attribution.