Friday, September 5, 2014

2015 election: Two early withdrawals in the 9th Ward

First off within the last two weeks candidates Michael Ovitz and Corey Hardiman dropped out of the race for the 9th Ward Alderman. The indication from Ovitz was from a posting to his campaign FB page. As for Hardiman an interview with DNA Info.

We've officially struck both candidates from the 2015 page. Ultimately we may continue to whittle down the list according to who have submitted their petitions.

In the meanwhile, we can take a look at Mr. Hardiman's withdrawal and then of course look ath Mr. Ovitz' withdrawal statement. We can start with an excerpt from DNA Info:
"After deep prayer and meditation, I have decided to withdraw from the 9th Ward aldermanic race," said Hardiman, a 23-year-old Roseland resident. "I had a divine conversation with Father Pfleger and after that meeting I knew it was not the time for me to seek office."

The meeting last week between Hardiman and the Rev. Michael Pfleger, pastor of St. Sabina Church in Auburn Gresham, occurred by chance.

"I had went up to St. Sabina to return my friend's car to him and while waiting for him Father Pfleger walked past," said Hardiman, who graduated in May from Morehouse College in Atlanta with a bachelor's degree in political science. "He spoke and I asked him if we could talk and the conversation went from there."

Hardiman said at no time did Pfleger tell him to drop out of the race. Instead, Hardiman said Pfleger provided him with spiritual counseling.

"Once I left, I asked God to direct me in a path that would be most effective and shortly thereafter I received my answer," added Hardiman, a member of Salem Baptist Church in Pullman. "But I wouldn't rule out politics from my life completely. You may very well see me four to eight years from now back on the campaign trail."
And of course this screencap from Ovitz' FB page.
Click for larger resolution
If you look on Ovitz' FB page there's even a picture of him and Ald. Beale having a lunch at a restaurant. As indicated in the statement above Ovitz would like to work with Ald. Beale and support his re-election bid.
We still have a long way between now and the time to make challenges to the petitions. Of course there will be other changes in this race and the other races we plan to cover in next year's municipal elections.

We've even added a listing of declared candidates for Ward 21 Alderman on the 2015 page. Let's see how interesting this election gets.

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  1. Its going to get interesting. I think Hardiman withdrew too early. He should have waited until after the game to hear it from Morehouse alums whether they would support him. Rumor has it that he was told that several influential Chicago area Morehouse alums would not support him


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