Saturday, December 29, 2007

Chatham Market

I drove thru Chatham Market today. I saw the new construction going up. I can only image what other stores are going to be there other than the Lowe's that's open for business and the proposed Wal-Mart there. Other store fronts are up and driving into the site at 83rd I'm glad there is a welcoming sign coming in, the sign stating "Chatham Market".

This site would be perfect for a grocery store. Though it's possible that a Wal-Mart might foot the bill. Excuse me a Super Wal-Mart though it would be nice to see a nice upscale Dominick's (with a cafe like the one on Roosevelt Road) return to the area since they left 79th Street and Dan Ryan a year or so earlier.

This could almost remind me of the shopping center on 95th and Stony Island. It opened in the last five or six years. While the 83rd location once was home to a steel mill, 95th and Stony was once home to a former hardward store, Courtesy Home Center.

You know what should be next assuming that the CTA can afford it. For those worked at Lowe's, the proposed Wal-Mart or any of the other establishments to set up shop up there should have some reliable and convient public transportation there that doesn't exist at the moment. You might have to walk to either Vincennes or over to the Dan Ryan to catch a bus. I guess it might be too much to ask for a bus to pick riders up in front of the store, yes?

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