Wednesday, December 5, 2007

I was looking at some Aldermanic newsletters

Over at Ald. Freddrenna Lyle's website where there are an archive of newsletters starting in January 2007 up until July but I'm not worried. I'm sure that eventually any news letters will eventually be archived for those who are interested in news from the office of the 6th Ward Alderman. There one good source for info.

For instance I ran into this from the April '07 issue...

The No 2 constituent complaint/concern/request of March was a request that I stop the Bank of America from locating on 87th & Cottage Grove.

The building on the Southwest corner of 87th & Cottage Grove has been for sale for some time. A group recently bought the corner and sought a tenant for that site. They found Bank of America, which wishes to tear down the existing building and construct a bank with 3 drive-thru lanes. Because most large corporations visit the Alderman before they locate in a Ward and because this user will need a Special Use Permit to get permission for the drive-through lanes, I met with the developer and referred them to the Chesterfield Community Council. Soon thereafter I was besieged with calls from persons stating that we did not need another bank in our neighborhood and the location of a Bank of America at that site would endanger Seaway National Bank (which is black owned). I would never knowingly take any action to threaten or undermine any Black institution, period. I however can not use my office to prevent a lawful business from entering the market simply to protect a Black institution, either. To do so would be illegal. If people don’t want a Bank of America and it comes, I will assume that no one will patronize it. If they don’t get the returns they expect from the $1 million dollar investment they are speaking of, they will simply close up shop and move.
She right on the money in that last sentence. Besides Bank of America will put a lot of pressure on Seaway at that location. Zoning surely doesn't involve making it easy for a bigger company to come in and be competitive. Besides it all about competition either way, I don't expect that Seaway will be harmed by a Bank of America on the corner of 87th and Cottage, but they will have some pressure.

Who knows best case scenario, perhaps they'll prove themselves to be a better business than Bank of America will ever be. Of course that means competition, but that's what America is based on. Whether we like it or not.

Now I want to go back to something else here. This passage is from March '07...
**Recent Sun Times news articles have confirmed that one of the candidate for 6th Ward Alderman (who by the way persuaded more than 3,000 residents to vote for him), neglected to mention that his real job was that of a $84,660 a year driver for Ill. Dept. of Human Services Director Carol Adams, contrary to all of his statements and campaign literature.
Chicago Sun Times, Mar. 1, 2007.

You can fool some of the people, some of the time….
OUCH!!! At least that's my response to that passage. I almost wonder if putting that in her aldermanic newsletter was a fair shot or legal. Doesn't matter, but the person in question was her runner-up Eugene Davis and before the municipal election he has been in the news. I think he was mentioned on the Capitol Fax blog, although it wasn't mentioned that he had been running for alderman of the 6th Ward.

Anyway there you have it and you should get some of the latest newsletters. I'm sure there's some good info in there as well.

Oh speaking of the Alderman, I have been sluggish about it, but I want to post some videos that I have found of her. One had her appear on a Chicago Access Network program. Another was probably done by a professional videographer. There was also another good one where she gave a speech for a church group in what appears to be Millenium Park downtown.

I want to show those when I get the chance.

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  1. Competition is good for business and the neighborhood. Maybe then Seaway would clean up the litter that customers have to walk through to bank at its branches. First impressions count.


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