Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Black Women Hold Key To S.C. Democratic Primary

Alright how about some presidential politics. The lastest big time president primary is South Carolina and Channel 2 talks about a crucial group of voters who might help give Obama the edge when South Carolina holds their primary...

At the Diva Beauty Salon on Tuesday, black women were talking politics like never before, because, for once, politicians are focusing on them.

"We have a lot of Barack Obama supporters. We have a few Hillary supporters. It's kind of split," hair stylist Nora Gause said.

"I don't feel targeted, I do feel valued," salon customer Joyce Buxton said.

African-American women register and turn out in larger numbers than African-American men. So they're expected to make up 30 percent of the voters in Saturday's Democratic primary, and polls show many are still making up their mind.

"The fact that large numbers of them are undecided means they're going to be the crown jewel of this Democratic primary election in South Carolina," Winthrop University assistant professor Scott Huffmon said.

That means both sides have set their sights on wooing them.

"As African-American women in South Carolina, we do realize our importance and the leverage that we hold," voter Azora Anderson said.

The Obama campaign has won hearts and votes by sending field organizers to persuade black women in non-traditional settings, like beauty shops.

That gesture deeply impressed salon owner Sharon Robinson. "That's why I'm supporting Obama, because he came to places other candidates never thought about going," she said.

And when polls showed many black women backed Clinton because of their affection for her husband, the Clinton campaign sent the former president here to build support.

But most black women don't see the election as a choice between race and gender.

"I'm black first, and then I'm a woman. This is history for us because this is the first time we've had a black run, and he's a viable candidate," Buxton said.
I heard some chatter that suggests that when Oprah chose to endorse Obama over Hillary Clinton she ran into some flack because she isn't supporting a woman. If women are upset that she isn't support Hillary then here's the reality check. I could boil it down to Oprah supporting a fellow black person over a fellow woman. For some black females surely that trumps voting for a woman (of any race).

I'm sure there are other things at play such as age. The younger you are the more likely you vote for Obama. The older you are, the more likely you might vote for Hillary. This can get interesting really.

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