Sunday, January 27, 2008

Don't know anything about the judges on the ballots?

Check out this blog, For What It's Worth, where they talk about the various judges running for election in this cycle. Of course the coverage is throughout Cook County but I'm sure we can look at a sample ballot and determine which judges are running for the subdistrict for our area. Of course there are also judges running countywide as well. I almost wished they'd change the way judges are chosen. I wish there was a more appointment process involved than judges running for election.


  1. Thank you so much for the link to my site. Voters will find what subcircuit they live in by looking at their voter registration card. I know part of the 6th Ward is in the 5th Subcircuit; I believe more is in the 1st Subcircuit.

  2. i greatly appreciated the blog...i took the time to actually pick (and not randomly) my judges! It maybe a 1/2 hour at most, to go through the lists...but man, they helped! A couple of decisions that i would have done by simply name, i instead chose by what i thought was good experience background, recommendations, etc.


    p.s. You shoul hook up with Jimm Dispensa of Aldertrack...betwene the two of you, you can create some educated voters!


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