Friday, January 11, 2008

Drainage problem

You should have seen how this looked on Saturday. The "lakes" here looked larger than this. This is what happens when the snow melts or when it rains as it had last week.

It's a good thing too because it could have easily been sensationalized like oh wow someone is not working on street drainage letting watter collect near neighborhood curbs. The city isn't doing anything about it!!! I won't do that though, I don't like sensationalizing, seriously.

Anyway I wonder who has to do what when water collects like this. Does the city do anything? I know this is public property, but what about individual property owners. Should they clean the grates if this is a problem or if there are grates?

I recall having done that once or twice after some rainfall. Or at one point when it was a bright sun-shining day when I cut the grass. It seems people like to dump trash on the grates or if trash blows around it collects on these grates.

BTW the pictures were taken on 95th Street near Wabash Avenue across from Abbott Park.

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  1. It's probably a problem with litter in the catch basins. Report these areas to the Alderman's office and she'll have the Water Dept. go out and take corrective action. Depending on how long ago it rained, it may simply be the rainblocker, keeping the water pooled on the street to prevent basement flooding. But report it nevertheless.

    6th Ward Service Office

    311 is not just a means of requesting services, it is the official tracking system used by the City. So when the Alderman's Office gets a service request, in addition to calling the Dept. they are required to enter the information into 311. Thus the large number logged for the 6th Ward, residents making requests to 311 and the 6th Ward Service office taking requests from our citizens and entering the information into 311 for tracking.


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