Saturday, February 9, 2008

Save Your Pennies

I originally posted this video over at my other blog on February 14th of last year. There are a few banking options in the Sixth Ward and the surrounding communities. This episode takes place in a black bank not much different than Seaway or Illinois Service Federal. Of course there is a TCF in Jewel at 87th Street, Chase on Cottage Grove just north of 83rd, and how could I forget Shore Bank's Chatham Banking Center on Cottage Grove just south of 79th Street. BTW, a little history Shore Bank's Chatham Banking Center used to be another black-owned bank, Independence Bank, until it was purchased by Shore Bank in the 1990s.

Oh and please visit My Urban Report. The link provided is old and I didn't want to change it. Amani Channel does great work present videos of his adventures in citizen journalist/new media.

Oh and I should ask perhaps you can talk about where you have done your banking. Especially after you watch this video. Enjoy!

My Urban Report had a sort of a compilation of their favorite videos that are hosting by their service. One of them was this and they highlighted this video about A.Man.I's visit to a bank where he illustrated how to start a saving account at a bank and interviewed an elderly man who had some sound advice about banking and financing. What he said was basic stuff but very important.

And I won't leave you hanging you can view the video here and if you like what you see post a comment here...

It starts off with the fact that most other communities a dollar would circulate multiple times with in a community. For blacks that dollar would circulate once. A.Man.I explains that what happens is that we get paid and we spend our money with someone else who isn't black. A great video worth sharing with you.

I hope you enjoy anything else he presents.

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