Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Does anyone have any questions about getting updates?

There are two ways you can get updates from The Sixth Ward. First of all you can burn the feed. In the sidebar to the right if you see an orange rounded square you click on that and then there is a page for the feed. That gives you options to burn a feed.

There are several programs that you can use out there. I mostly use Google Reader. There's also Bloglines it's pretty good for those who want to subscribe to feeds. Some browsers such as Internet Explorer (especially version 7.0) that allows you to subscribe to feeds. In fact if you click on that rounded orange square you won't just go to the feed page it might send you to a page where it will only allow you to subscribe to said feed in the browser. Of course you might have to feel your way thru that one, I haven't figured out how to check out updates in a browser. Of course if you run into that problem what you might want to do is copy & paste the link into your chosen program such as Google Reader or Bloglines.

Some might choose another option that allows you to subscribe via email. Of course there are plenty of programs to choose for email such as Yahoo! Mail, GMail, and Hotmail to name some popular email programs. In addition to that if you have an Internet Service Provider such as Comcast or AT&T Yahoo! for example they offer email as well. All you have to do in the form also provided in the sidebar is submit your e-mail address (BTW, if you've got issues with the content in your email don't hesitate to let us know!). Of course in your email you have to verify whether or not you want to receive email updates from this blog.

Oh yeah I forgot to mention, when I got wise about feeds I started off with MyYahoo!. It's not as fancy as the two aforementioned options above, but it works. If you go to the feed page that should be an option as well. All you have to do is sign up at Yahoo! and then start an account of course this shouldn't be difficult if you already have a Yahoo! account especially for email. It might be even easier if you have internet service thru AT&T Yahoo.

Anyway if there are anymore questions please let me know. I'll answer them to the best of my knowledge.

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