Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Playlot on 98th & Michigan

I shot some pictures of this old playlot, that was dismantled years ago, during the summer There is still evidence of what used to be swing sets and even a sandbox. Even a mini forest towards 98th. I wish I knew why this lot was dismantled many years ago.

Thankfully the Chicago Park District does do upkeep of this lot by cutting the grass. During the summer you might see some activity when Park District employees bring kids to this lot for activities. Beyond that not much happens here.

You might have kids from Harlan hangout here. I'm sure someone out there can possibly verify that. At night you might have some grown folks hanging here and getting drunk. One weekend a homeless man was sleeping right behind the western fence outside of the lot.

I wonder what are the plans for this place or at least what's its current use.

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  1. C. Tucker RHCA Committee ChairDecember 5, 2010 at 8:38 PM

    The RHCA Parks Committee would also like to know what CPD plans are for this area. They met with Park Supervisor Johnson and South Area Manager Hopkins to disscus 2009 requests.
    1.A Covenant: binding agreement that 98th Street Park will not be sold, *Note: The area West of playlot use to be park land. The land on which Harlan's parking lot is located was sold by CPD to CPS in 1961!
    2.Swing gate for 98th Street park opening along with Bollards or iron fence positioned along areas of 96th Michigan & 98th & State to stop driving and parking on grass in park.
    3. A Abbott Park sign with rules at Michigan & 98th Street.Records show this is Abbott Park not just a playlot.
    4.10:00 pm closing signs posted.Residents can verify latenight "grown folk hanging and getting drunk" in the park.
    These concerns are not just RHCA committee concerns But community concerns. Violations of rules and illegal activities should be reported. Disruptive non-permit groups on school grounds & park, soliciting on 95th Street and consuming of alcoholic beverages cannot be curbed or stopped by one or two people! The Community NEEDS your help. Send an email, write a letter, Call CPD for rule violations and Police for illegal activities.


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