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Burris Headlines

UPDATED 10:56 AM: Burris should resign, this saga needs to end - Southtown

UPDATED 9:43 AM: Pastors rally behind Burris - Sun-Times
"He hasn't done anything that's indictable," said Rep. Bobby Rush, who added that many politicians calling for Burris to resign have "stalking horses" ready for test-runs for his seat.

Burris' backers said other senators involved in far more unseemly conduct have not been asked to resign. Rush, who also is a minister, apparently referred to Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) when he spoke of a politician who "drove off a bridge. People died."

In a reference to Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho), Rush mentioned "a senator accused of misconduct in a men's room."

"You're all at his home every morning; when he goes to bed," said the Rev. Janette Wilson. "You didn't do this for priests . . . wanted for pedophilia."

VIDEO: Clergy pray for Burris - CLTV

This report says that Burris' family was in fact threatened. I'm not very happy about this situation, but quite frankly I don't think there was any need for that what so ever. It's worse than uncalled for and I hope that whoever engaged in that behavior will be punished.

Burris says he's working hard to represent Ill. - AP
U.S. Sen. Roland Burris told hundreds of supporters at a black church on Chicago's South Side that he's been working hard to represent them in Washington.

Burris spoke at Sunday evening services at New Covenant Baptist Church. He made no mention of the increasing calls for his resignation.

Instead, he pointed to his accomplishments, including voting for President Barack Obama's economic stimulus bill. And he says he proposed legislation to recognize the slaves who built the Capitol.

He said the support and prayers from parishioners are keeping him going.

Roland Burris Speaks to Supporters - WBBM-TV
Before the service, the church's pastor said Burris is the right man for his job and shouldn't resign.

Ministers from several denominations hosted the prayer rally and say calls for his resignation are premature.

"We know Senator Burris and his character and his integrity in the past has been impeccable," said Rev. Stephen Thurston of the New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church. "And we simply believe him, when he says to us – looking straight in our face, that he has done nothing inappropriate. He may not have been as clear as he possibly could, and we understand that also. But we also don't believe he's been untruthful."
Supporters Rally for Embattled Illinois Senator -
“He’s a legitimate representative in our community,” said alderman Ed Smith, “he was legitimately appointed to this position he has a right to serve as vigilant as possibly can, and represent our community the way it should be represented.“

But Governor Pat Quinn said "serving in the senate is not the best way for Roland Burris to serve us and I think he should upon due reflection talking to all those he knows find a different way to serve and step aside."

A proposal to hold special elections to fill vacant senate seats in Illinois is in the state legislature; however, there doesn’t seem to be overwhelming support from democratic leadership there.
Video: Burris set to speak to local supporters - WBBM-TV

Durbin: Race factored in Burris seating - Tribune
Durbin, a fellow Democrat and Illinois' senior senator, noted that Rep. Bobby Rush, a Chicago Democrat, appeared at Gov. Rod Blagojevich's announcement of his appointment of Burris and used racially charged language to defend the appointment.

"My colleague from Illinois, Congressman Bobby Rush, made strong statements along those (racial) lines," Durbin said on WGN-AM (720). "They were painful and hurtful, and it became part of this calculation."

Durbin also said he would work with Burris despite the political isolation surrounding the state's junior senator in Washington.

"His vote still counts, his signature is still necessary for critical appointments," said Durbin, the Senate's No. 2 Democrat in leadership. "I will be working with him whenever there's the need for both Illinois senators to be involved in projects. I'm going to try to work with him as well as I can."
Durbin's remarks about how race played a role in the Senate leadership backing down is no surprise. It's just that someone from the Senate leadership actually admitted to it.

AUDIO: Durbin on WGN Sunday afternoon in mp3 format. Here he did try to counsel Burris to tell him that taking an appointment by Rod Blagojevich was a bad idea. This was not too long before Blago would get arrested for attempting to place this seat for sale.

Can Senator Roland Burris be effective? - Daily Herald
Imagine the person who hired you was fired for allegedly trying to sell the spot to the highest bidder regardless of qualifications.

Then seemingly every day the office newsletter reports on how you keep changing your story about getting the job.

And your top colleagues are plotting to get you kicked out and are asking you to just leave to your face.

Would you be able to get much work done?

Burris isn't only one to stick around when urged to leave - Daily Herald

What suburban lawmakers say about Burris - Daily Herald

I would like to see what other black pols are saying about Burris. I'm sure they have to temper their remarks a bit, but that might be a bit more telling than what suburban pols has to say about Burris.

IL Governor Calls on Roland Burris to Resign - Jack & Jill Politics
Some of y’all jumped all over me when I suggested that cheese-eater Roland Burris was not worthy of the nomination to take Barack Obama’s Senate seat. That his presence would tarnish the seat, Illinois, Obama and all black people.
Originally that post was posted on Feb. 20. I wanted to find something that was somewhat critical of Burris and it's interesting given that the audience targeted by this blog is black.

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