Monday, March 30, 2009

National Block Club University

You know I wanted to post about this for a while. Well not necessarily this, but in fact a video like this made by the founder of this organization:

Syron Smith was running against Andre Thapedi last year in the 32nd District for the seat to be given up by Milt Patterson who retired, but not before voting no on impeaching the recently ousted Rod Blagojevich. In any event Smith was knocked off the ballot and in that video said he was running as a write-in candidate, but the seat was won in November by Thapedi (his General Assembly profile). The 32nd District represents the 6th in the portion that encompasses the northern most portion of this ward.

Anyway Smith's organization mentioned in this post's title, National Block Club University, has this basic history:
NBCU was officially incorporated in summer of 2003 as a not for profit organization designed to teach and develop residents to combat crime and disorder. Founder Syron M. Smith of Chicago, Illinois created NBCU to coincide with the for profit organization Block Club Union; which focused on creating small resident owned convenience stores. The small stores would help stop the exploitation of low income residents from business owners that can careless about the welfare and development of the population they serve. Block Club Union Incorporated fit directly into NBCU's structure because it helped to provide donation dollars from simply buying store products from stores that are committed to "giving back" to the local neighborhood. Block Club Union Incorporated was founded by Syron M. Smith in 2001. Prior to 2001, Syron had created the not for profit called Chicago Block Club Union, this organization was first started in the fall of 1998 and in 2000 the name was changed to Block Club Union Charities. BCUC was granted 501 c 3 status (advance ruling) by the Internal Revenue Service to fulfill it's mission of taking youth on travel trips to help broaden their view and perspectives.
Here's more:
National Block Club University is a daily process structured to create, nurture, and sustain strong safe neighborhoods.

NBCU tracks, monitors, and counters acts of violence throughout 167 of America's most dangerous neighborhoods.
And here is a basic overview
NBCU has 3 guiding principals that we have developed into patterns of thinking or concepts. Our existence is based on people, incidents, and behavior. To ensure success in our mission, we assess every person based on the "3 P's". The 3 P's are: passion, position, and play.
You can go here to look up recent events in their archive. I think they could use a blog for this purpose.

And as a bonus vid Smith interviews 34th district state Rep. Constance Howard.

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