Wednesday, March 25, 2009

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On an almost year old post regarding successors to Bobby Rush although this person got the congressional district wrong:
I would support Ald. Lyle for the 2nd congressional seat if she'd only fix the pot holes on the side streets,have the drug dealers removed from our ward,enforce marshall law on 79th street,not rant against Daley then flip flop voting on suppresive traffic issues in council.
Hmmm! To who ever posted this comment you should know that the Alderman actually reads the blog.

Also, I've called for people to report what's happening on the side streets. Especially during the controversy regarding plowing the side streets. This blog will always been open to those who want to talk about issues on the side streets whatever they may be. That will include potholes, loitering, snowplowing, or anything like that.

As for removing drug dealers well, what does that mean? Do you mean arrest them and prosecute them? I hope you know that surely that takes a lot of effort especially using the legal system. Of course I would also hope she doesn't go the Frank Melton route and go strictly on emotion and then force their way into a place without a warrant and with little or no substantive evidence. Of course in combating the issue of drug dealing there are probably other strategies worth noting here.

Enforce martial law well I'm not so sure she has the authority to do that. Actually I'm not sure any of our officials have that authority to declare martial law let alone enforce it. Even if it was just a street we're talking about. I would like to invite you to explain why there should be martial law on 79th Street. This blog is all about dialog, no one will go after you if you wish to state your case.

Heh to the last point. OK well it lets me know that the ones complaining about Mayor Daley aren't all on the north side of town or anything like that. On top of that there are those in the ward who would like to see the Alderman stand up to the mayor. Indeed there are many around the city who would like to see their Alderman stand up to the mayor. Some of those individual read this blog so I hope that when I blog about citywide issues that you comment and you get connected with other concerned individuals around the city.

Let me just itierate that this blog is here for the purposes of dialogue. We can talk about these various issues and like I said the Alderman reads the blog. I hope that you subscribe via e-mail or in feed reader in addition to bookmarking this blog keep checking us. Hopefully you might lead this blog into issues that we should be talking about.

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