Monday, August 31, 2009

CAPCC on job, economic and business development

Not sure what to say about this. At least they got away from talking about the "thuggish element" of the younger generation, but some of their goals are lofty especially determining the pay for temporary jobs for young people and the full-time pay for full-time workers. Yeah very lofty even if those can't be offered in the economic and business realities of the world.

BTW, I have no problem with their development plans. They may want to define "South Looping" in terms of what it bring to Chatham. Well they did define it in part by mentioning a rise in real estate values in that neighborhood. Also at least they're trying to consider the senior citizens who may not be able to continue living in a "South Looped" Chatham.

The goal of using federal stimulus money to develop Chatham and using federal housing grants to keep seniors in their homes are pretty lofty. This post isn't the first time they called on President Obama or Senator Burris to help them get some federal funds. In addition they want an ordinance allowing for a "variance" in property tax assessments.

I just have to say why the emphasis on getting federal money for any revitalization. I have no way of knowing if CAPCC is putting there eggs in the Barack Obama basket by asking for federal funds either from Obama himself or going thru Sen. Burris. Not so sure that the federal government might be able to help the Chatham community with "pork".

Besides I always imagine that this effort should include neighborhood businesses. Especially if they plan on revitalizing for instance 79th Street. Perhaps there ought to be a health club at the lot of the late Rhodes Theater and at that they're already picked up a particular health club they like. They also want supper clubs in addition to the boutiques & restaurants you may find in other gentrifying areas (or you can read that as trendy).

I'm sure there are those of you out there who lives in Chatham who may have their own ideas revitalization. Do you agree with the blogger at CAPCC? Or do you have your own ideas? In addition even if you live outside of Chatham what ideas may benefit a community like Chatham?

Perhaps at some point I may offer my own ideas.


  1. Well I don't live in Chatham and am new to Chicago but I read a comment, I think on this blog, that there are a lack of businesses and services in the community and I think maybe that is what should be focused on; Banks, grocery stores/farmer's markets, retail, restaurant, recreational facilities for youth, etc.

  2. The problem with this post is that the writer who is relatively new to Chatham doesn't know his history. First, Chatham did not support Obama when he ran for Congressman so he has nothing to gain by coming and to sit at a table with Roland Burris isn't going to happen.

    The owner of the land the Rhodes theater sit on has wanted to build there for years but CAPCC does not agree with his choice of business to occupy(laundramat). Lastly, the South Loop is going through serious problems from overbuilding. Developers are reducing prices to get people to buy condos and several prominent businesses are calling it quits. Sam's Wine & Spirits has stated they are closing because the business is not there and a series of boutiques have closed as well.


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