Sunday, February 14, 2010

House of Blues on 79th Street?

Another idea from the CAPCC blog. I have to admit that's real ambitious, however, the question may well be whether or not it will be a good fit within the Chatham neighborhood. I'd say let's discover some homegrown ideas to revitalize 79th Street.


  1. I'm quite frankly tired of seeing these stupid post from whoever is behind the CAPCC blog because they are just throwing things out for the sake of throwing things out. First, you can't declare emminent domain on private property for the sake of placing another business on that site, so lets stop talking about placing businesses on sites that are already occupied unless you got the money to purchase the property. I don't want to hear about placing anything else on 83rd King, 79th State or 79th Rhodes. Secondly, I wosh this individual would do some research before opening their mouth. We had a entertainment destinations on 79th before "The Blue Room" and "Mr. Ebony" (featured in Ali)that featured R&B, blues and jazz. There were countless complaints about the noise and traffic from the individuals living nearby the venues that moved the liquor control board to revoke the licenses. Lastly, we do not support the current venues that offer live entertainment the problems that the Regal and Harold washington Center are encountering wouldn't happen if there was support.

  2. Whenever you comment I learn something Worlee. ;)


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