Thursday, February 25, 2010

Local School Council participation

From the Roseland Heights Neighborhood Association's website. While it's not entirely clear which LSC this author, LeahE, is referring in the beginning at least. It becomes clear the further along you read this post.
I enjoyed the RHCA meeting on last night and intend to become more active with the organization. Many good points were brought up at this meeting and it sounds as though the RHCA has been very involved in the improvements that have been ongoing in the community. Thank you.

On behalf of all of us who do, in fact read the newsletter, but have church service or other meetings at the time slotted for the monthly meetings. You are greatly appreciated.

Now, as for the LSC. I believe membership applications are being accepted into the first or second week in March. It is unfortunate that the current membership does not include actual residents of the area. Thank you for pointing that out. I will be investigating the process immediately and submitting my application if possible.

For years I've heard 'our' people complain about outsiders adopting 'our' children; starting businesses in 'our' communities and fronting black faces that will never be allowed to touch the cash registers unless heavily monitored. We say we don't get enough support for black business. Sometimes 'our' people out-price themselves and their services, the other times we should be more flexible and tolerant with start-up businesses. This, on the otherhand is something we can do to instill a sense of concern to and for our young people.

Everyone needs to know someone cares and my belief had been that the school was going strong. Thank you for the wakeup call last night. I am an alumni of Harlan High School and was totally unaware that attendance was down. I participate in many of the alumni functions to raise monies to improve the school, but no one ever mentioned that the class sizes were decreasing. I will inform the alumni association and we shall put our heads together to see what we can do on our part. I shall also put a call out through our email campaigns for those still living in the area to attend the meetings and pay their annual dues.
Sounds like Roseland Heights aren't entirely convinced of a renewed Harlan, but on the positive we're looking at someone who wants to help. If nothing else Harlan can use that, the support of the surrounding community. A school such as Harlan advertised as a school with a pride that other schools could only wish for could really use the surrounding community to look at it with pride as well.

BTW, class sizes are decreasing. Easy for me to bloviate on that point. I could say hey we got to find ways to bring young families into this community, preferably middle-class families, and have them put down roots. Another thing I can say is to make Harlan and attractive option for excellent and ambitious students. For now the need to discuss Harlan and decreasing class sizes are facts.

Hmmm now I wish I could get into touch with this person and have them discuss their vision for serving on the LSC at Harlan.

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