Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wouldn't it be great if we had a neighborhood ice rink?

The Chatham Avalon Park Community Council blog has occasional posts with the title "Would it be nice if..." where they imagine some kind of business would be at a certain location.

Yet they seemed to have missed completely an area that apparently is owned CAPCC, with the original intention of a community center. The area is the size of 6 home lots.

Here's are two crazy ideas that might work.

That area ought to be made into a community ice skating rink.

We have 2 skating rinks in the area, on on 87th and another on 77th. i know they are different activities, but it's not a stretch that fans of roller skating might want to do ice skating, right?

The nearest rink is all the way by University of Chicago, which has plenty of development.

If the businesses allow it, there is PLENTY of nearby parking.

The skating season (at outdoor parks) with the Chicago Park District will have ended as of this evening..  But that gives us plenty of time to get grants and community momentum.

During the summer it could be a community garden. Depending on how the ice skating rink is set up, perhaps structures could be built above the garden area that could be taken down in Spring (such as a sitting area, or where one can put on the skates).

Right now that area is desolate. But so much could be done with it. These ideas are things that could be done for a season, but then easily undone if another development is able to take root.

Isn't something better than perpetual nothing?

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