Friday, March 5, 2010

Could Wal-Mart provide private security?

On December 18, Chicago Public Radio's 848 broadcast a story talking about how residents in a Gary neighborhood are pooling money to hire private security to patrol their streets.

It's not intended to slam the police, but simply acknowledge that they can't be everywhere all the time.

One thing Wal-Mart could do is partner with local residents to use some of their security to patrol not only the store grounds, but also the neighborhood, and report any suspicious activity.

In addition, perhaps cameras at neighbors' residences could be tied into Wal-Mart's system for a discounted rate, so that if residents so choose, they could get Wal-Mart's help in stopping and preventing crime in the neighborhood (an issue cited by those avidly against Wal-Mart).

If Wal-Mart were to offer a partnership in private security, would you be interested?


  1. It something that's done or at least was reportedly done as a special service area in the 9th Ward. It might be worth it around the Chatham Market area as well.

  2. An SSA was proposed several years ago by CBA under the direction of Donna Harris. The problem was that it was contingent upon property owners signing off on a security camera proposal. The camera were suppose to be supplied by a questionable supplier. It would have required property owners to pay a special assessment. The feedback from property owners they were not willing to pay any additional taxes especially when it would primarily benefit the business community.


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