Saturday, March 27, 2010

Park Manor officers shoots burglar to his home

From Chicago Breaking News on Friday afternoon:
An off-duty Chicago police officer shot a burglar who broke into his South
Side residence this morning, law enforcement sources said.

The officer, who was inside the home when burglars entered the house in the 7600 block of South Vernon Avenue about 9 a.m., shot one of the suspects, the sources said.

Shortly after the shooting, a man with a gunshot wound went to St. Bernard Hospital, and detectives were working this morning to confirm whether the victim was the burglar who broke into the officer's home.
-- Annie Sweeney and staff

Levois has a certain opinion on this (see comments section). Let me share a different one (i'll try not to get too off topic here):

Chicago's law, in my opinion HONORS the 2nd amendment. Those who are in a "well regulated militia" are allowed to have weapons. This includes PRIVATE militias (such as security firms). What this means for the gun user, however, is accountability as well as (hopefully) training.

I would be interested to hear if the officer was preparing for his beat (i.e. what was his readiness when the people tried to break in).

If criminals know this neighborhood, they know there are many police officers here, but also senior citizens. Who/what were they expecting when they broke in. I doubt they were expecting a living person. If so, would they still have tried to break in?

One of the best preventions of crime is not everyone keeping arms (gangbangers regularly attack rivals who they expect to be armed as well), but I would say active and alert neighbors, who are watching who and what is going on, so they can notify police (or the potential criminal) that something is going on and people are watching & caring.

A worthy tangent to go into later is how tight a community the Chatham & Park Manor neighborhoods were several years ago, so that a stranger/potential burglar wouldn't have been ignored back in the day, and he wouldn't have tried to break in back then.

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