Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rallying for Wal-Mart

Crain's with a follow-up video to a recent article talking about the efforts of a group of south side ministers to bring Wal-Mart to Chatham Market, Englewood, and Pullman.


  1. Hi there. I started a similiar blog for Walmart in Cornelius, Oregon. In Oregon, you find Walmarts few and far between, especially in the Portland Metro area. See here: I don't have nearly as much traffic as you do though.

  2. This is rediculous. The contruction of a Wal-Mart will mark the beginning of Chatham's demise. What about the small business owners in the community? They'll have to compete with Wal-Mart's prices and they won't win.

    First Wal Mart will come in with low prices, and once they gain a grip on the community, their prices will sky rocket. Walmart is a chain of oversized superstores known for driving local stores out of businesses, selling poorly-made goods (especially clothing) made by third-world slave labor, using a gawdy image of shallow, phony patriotism and flag-waving, and contributing to urban sprawl. Wal-Mart ist he face of monopoly capatalism. Not to mention it'll take away from the essence of Chatham. Have we forgotten what Chatham represents?

    Nearly 36,000 people live here in Chatham. To the unconcerned, we’re a family oriented black community where middle-class families reside. To the knowledgeable, we’re the stoutest stronghold of Chicago’s African-American middle class. The quality of our neighborhood is known all over the world because of our brick Bungalows, Victorians, Town and Ranch styled homes. Chatham is the childhood home of Nat King-Cole as well as the home of Johnson Products; the first minority firm to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange. We are the role models of Chicago. Our fellowship gives us great power and with power comes social responsibility.


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