Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who is "the community" and what do we want?

i have heard a lot about what "the community" does NOT want in the neighborhood, such as dollar stores, or even a 24 hour Subway.

But what do we actually want?

With all the complaining and seeming pickiness...why would any business owner want to set up shop here?

Who would be willing to put up with a lot of harassment from people who probably won't even support your business?

We have several empty store fronts, including a very nice'll be months before real estate picks up...maybe even longer since we're not Downtown or the North side (and very few of those residents are coming down here for anything).

If we want businesses to come, we as a community need to clearly say what we want.

i'd like to start this conversation by getting some ideas of what YOU want to see in this community.

If we get enough response, i'd like to post it on a poll later. But for now..PLEASE COMMENT. We can get this conversation started...but ONLY with YOUR help!

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  1. When I use the term "community" it is based on over 10 years listening to my fellow residents throughout Chatham as a fellow resident and an officer of CAPCC(no longer affiliated). Has there ever been a majority of residents at these meetings "NO" but we have to take their opinions as a representation of the majority just as we do in elections. Where the issue you have is coming from is because Carl Lewis and his fellow cronies decided that they wanted to shake down some business owners(.i.e Subway, Freshmart) and started GCA and has led a small group of individuals that they represent a majority of the community.

    Secondly, the residents of Chatham have and continue to seek business owners who appreciate their patronage. There has been and continues to be a standard for businesses to come before the nearest CBO and tell the residents about their business and what they want to offer. Yes some people have been verbally beat down but I feel it helps them go back and rethink their business plan. It serves no one to stand and watch a business go down the tubes because they made assumptions that were totally off base. Unfortunately, what has happened is that we have had a group of arrogant and disrespectful business owners take advantage of the fact that the Alderman cannot block their opening as in the past but many are finding it that it was not a good move.

    What I want and I believe most other residents want are businesses large and small that offer a mix of quality products and services and world class customer service. This is non negotiable with me and i will not spend any money with businesses that don't meet that standard (i,e. Freshmart, Subway, Kams Chop Suey). I find it disrepectful that we are being questioned about some empty store fronts. No one is telling Alderman Rugai, Daley, or Shiller and the people of their wards that they have to have any type of business so they will not have empty storefronts and I don't believe anyone has the right to tell Chatham that they have too.

    As far the empty building it is empty partially because the owners want quality businesses and not businesses that are going to open and quickly close and stick them for rent. The Hall's purchased the building because they saw a need for a place that would attract quality business and they are not accepting anything less.


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