Thursday, April 15, 2010

3 people hurt in Chatham shootings

From Chicago Breaking News tonight...

3 wounded in South Side shootings
April 15, 2010 8:36 PM No Comments

At least three people were taken to hospitals from two
shootings on the
South Side tonight, officials said.

Just before 8 p.m., two people were shot at East 85th Street and South Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, a Chicago Fire Department spokesman said. The two were taken to Northwestern Memorial
Hospital with traumatic injuries.

No information about the circumstances of the shooting or the victims was immediately available.

About 8:10 p.m., paramedics responded to 622 E. 87th Place to reports of shots fired. One person was taken to Stroger Hospital.

No information on that shooting was available either.

-- Serena Maria Daniels

Can anyone explain what's going on? Yes, it was hot out tonight. But here in Chatham, between Cole Park and Target?!?!


  1. You have a lot of guys who do not live in the community coming to Cole Park. As we have done in the past is take down the rims for a couple of weeks and get some order. Secondly, we need to push the Park district to place a FULL TIME superintendent.

  2. This was a comment to the post at CAPCC Blog. I would like to hear the Aldermans comments to this readers comments

    "informed citizen said...
    These are terrible actions. This once proud community is allowing our own children to bring us to our knees. We know who these shooters are and there are some things we can do to help ourselves and improve our image. One thing that can be done is the CAPCC needs to remove the old, tatered and torn green banners that are hanging on the corner of 85th and King Drive. Why would an organization who touts themselves as a proud entity allow those old banners to flap and hang over Cole Park. Take them down and all the other old banners throughout the community down, also. Secondly, the CAPCC needs to stand for something. Please name one thing this organization has done over the past 10 years for this community. The leadership needs to step aside and let fresh, new and innovative ideas flow as to how to improve and maintain the community. The Executive Vice President of CAPCC can not stand up at their monthly meetings and talk about recruiting Avon personnel as part of her personal goal. This is not community development...this is selfish and personal. The President can not dodge the proposed hotel/motel development at 76th and State by not addressing the issue at the monthly meeting. People were there to discuss this topic. It is obvious that the community is opposed to this. Yet, Keith Tate, for reasons not yet determined, is trying to bring it in through the back door. If Park Manor has been opposed for 10 plus years, why is Lyle bringing it through the CAPCC. It will not be housed in the CAPCC boundaries but, in the Park Manor boundaries. CAPCC stands for Chatham Avalon Park Community Council, but it doesn't represent nor claim Avalon Park as a part of their boundaries. Then why claim Park Manor? And, Alderman Lyle, your post regarding letting the community decide on developments is phony. You didn't let the community decide on the Let's talk, Let's test housing debacle. Later, it was found that you were the Treasurer for this organization. You knew or was supposed to know that a misappropriation of funds was occurring. I bet the Feds will be interested in learning your side to this community debacle. Lyle allowed this development to occur in a residential area on Evans Street but never brought it to the Community for a vote. So, don't play the Hotel/motel development any differently that Let's talk, Let's test. Keith and MaryEllen are pawns in this game and yes, somebody got paid. I suspect both...Lyle and CAPCC. When has the CAPCC funds been audited by an outside source. Where does their funding come from and why is there so much "reimbursement" to Keith Tate. If the community asks these questions, I am quite sure they will be surprised. No transparency! If our Alderman and Community Organization would focus on improving the community instead of lining their pockets, maybe...just maybe some of this shooting and other mayhem would subside. A journey of a thousand miles must start somewhere!"

  3. In response to the question of what is going on here, the Police I spoke to over the past two days have multiple theories. Some believe it is drug and gang activity. Some say these are young men who have never been raised to respect themselves and consequently have no respect for others, who have embrassed a thug culture that believes anything you want to do you can do with no regrets, remorse or consequences. There are lots of different theories as crime causation has been researched for more than a century and yet the resources for resolving and alleviating the conditions that have been identified as community risk factors for criminality have never been made available.

    As to what we are going to do about Cole Park, last night I requested that the rims be locked. Two were locked today and the two remaining rims were removed. They will remain in that condition until we resolve the security issues. We have started talking to the regulars who frequent the Park about the locking of the rims as the consequence for these shootings and some information about the identity of the shooters has been received.

    This morning I requested/demanded either a Park District Security Officer or an off duty Chicago Police Officer be stationed at Cole Park for the rest of the season. I also met with Commander Johnson and asked that every quality of life offense committed in or around the park be addressed by arrest or ticketing. This includes drinking in the park, smoking marijuana in cars or in the park, gambling, walking dogs off leash and/or without tags, etc., etc. I have contacted other units in the CPD and asked for additional drug missions in the area as well as more manpower for the 6th Police District specifically. Early next week the trees on the streets surrounding the park will be cut back to make certain that the lights are not blocked by foliage. We are also looking into funding for two cameras.

    I have asked the community residents I have spoken to over the last two days to write letters to Tim Mitchell at the Park District regarding their concerns. I have also talked to those residents about other activities in the Park and will insert a notice on the blog as our plans take shape.

    There is a full time supervisor in the Park who was inside with the Park Kids program at the time of the shooting. We would need the security/off duty police officer to be on the court/grounds, patrolling while the Supervisor was supervising the children in the field house. That Supervisor does not work on the weekends and I will be talking to Tim Mitchell about weekend staffing on Monday.

    As to the ridiculous, insulting, slanderous statements made by some annonymous person on CAPCC's site, I did in fact respond to them Mr. Glover, on that site. I will not however make a habit of responding to annonymous comments because in addition to a very difficult and time consuming job, I unlike some have a real life. I will continue to respond to comments made by real people with real names.

  4. Thank you Alderman Lyle for responding to my comment. Thanks foe the information updating us on the Superintendent situation. I agree with all the steps you have recommended. The marijuana smoking, drinking and hanging out was and is out of control and discourages families from coming to the park.

    Hopefully with little league baseball and your basketball tournament coming in the park it will discourage those with bad intentions not to come into the park.

    Lastly, who and what is the Park advisory council doing ? Do we need to make a call on the blogs for participation?

  5. Worlee I will answer that last question. We should make a call on the blogs for participation in these park advisory councils. I also hope that we will be able to cover what they do and their activities.


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