Monday, April 12, 2010

6th ward aldermanic candidates for 2011?

Uptown Update has posted the latest possible aldermanic Candidate for the 46th ward, Don Nowotny. They are in fact keeping tabs on the growing list of candidates for Alderman (about 4 so far, with another 3 rumored to be considering it).

How about the 6th ward?

In 2003, things were so heated there was a runoff, where Willye White edged out Eugene David and Eli Washington (by 68 and 164 votes respecitively) to face Alderman Lyle (who received 41% of the vote) in a runoff. Alderman Lyle recieved approimately the same number of votes, but White received far less opposition votes, capturing only 44% of the vote.

Any contenders this year? Uptown Update is only posting those who have a website, and have officially declared.

We posted questions for ALL candidates interested in responding for the February 2010 election Only Kari Steele responded.

For the 2011 election, we will make a stronger effort to present candidates with a questionnaire which will include some questions helpful for our audience in getting to know the candidates. Expect it to be an expanded version similar to this questionnaire.


  1. It will be the normal lost of candidates running, Eli washington, Gene Davis. The only candidate I see on the horizon that can put up a real challenge. Karen Norrinton Reaves.

  2. Good Morning Worlee, I read your posts everyday. I don't respond to them all, but I do read them. I just wanted to know what you meant by "real challenge." In your honest opinion, what's a "real challenge" entail for when running for the 6th Ward Alderman position? Fundraising, Experience/Background, Accolades, Endorsements,??

  3. Thanks for reading the blog.What I eant by real challenge is a realistic chance of beating Alderman Lyle. It has nothing to do with awards , etc but conveying a message that voters will connect with. Eugene and Eli message is and continues to be "Alderman Lyle hasn't done this" it old and tired. People want someone with vision and Karen Norrington Reaves has been the only I've seen convey a vision.

  4. If you've been paying attention to either our Twitter or Facebook Page there is one candidate prepared to run for 6th Ward Alderman, Brian Sleet.

  5. Levois:

    It will be interesting to hear Brian Sleet explain his being Cong. Jesse Jackson Jr.'s right hand man on his staff during the time Jr. was trying to buy the Senate seat and was wearing a snitch wire for the FBI.

  6. Well we just elected a governor who was the right hand man to the person trying to sell the seat so I guess it doesn't matter


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