Friday, April 30, 2010

Clout City: Is Walmart the Only Retailer Interested in Pullman? Maybe Not.

Hunter Clauss seeks out other prominent retailers such as Ikea,  Jewel, Dominick's, Target, and Costco about whether or not developers in Pullman or Ald. Anthony Beale had approached them about building stores in Pullman. It's worth a read when you're able.

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  1. "Beale said he worked with the United Food and Commercial Workers Local 881 to try and hunt down an alternative to Walmart."

    i read the same stories from Alderman Brookins.

    "Wallmart is not what we want but no one else want to come"

    I have a question to Alderman Brookins, Alderman Beale and all their supporters, if wallmart is as good as you like us to believe why they are not your first choice? why look for alternative? what is wrong with walmart?

    watch and hear their commercials, do wallmart have any product to sell? any product on sale? wallmart commercials is always about how good they are to the employees, the community and america.
    i am hoping for them to come to Chatham, where people are not as stupid, and chatham will be the first community to shut them down.


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