Saturday, April 17, 2010

Syron Smith Interviews Chatham Mom

Syron Smith wants to change the world, "Block By Block". As the leader of the National Block Club University organization, Mr. Smith has set their goal to "track, monitor, and counter act violence throughout 167 of America's most dangerous neighborhoods". To supplement this initiative, he recently ran for Illinois State Representative in the 32nd legislative district against incumbent Andre Thapedi. Although that initiative did not produce the result he wanted, Smith remains focused on building awareness for his main project- the National Block Club University.

Last Wednesday, I began my training as "governor" or leader of the 60619 zip code. Since my specialty is in community journalism, I brought my camera along and we met up with a mom named Lenore who appreciated our help.

In the video above, Brother Syron got some insight from Sister Lenore about her challenges as a mother, as well what can be done to strengthen our community.
Syron's greatest venture is to get residents involved by purchasing toilet tissue for $12.00 or just making a donation towards the cause. Our ward includes the 60619 zip code, which you will see in the video, has supported the Illinois State Lottery as the state's most profitable area. However, that same money rarely gets channeled back into the school system, as it was promised to be during the days of the late Mayor Harold Washington.

Some folks have questioned my role in this community. That's good. People will always gossip or make false statements about things that intrigue them or that they don't understand. I'm one of the many passionate, educated, young black men who want to STAY in the Sixth Ward and not move out.

Criticism, done in the right spirit, is welcomed. But discouraging, destructive words will not be entertained- except to motivate me to strive harder to help our community.

I love you all. I just ask for you to love me back, because you'll be also loving the God who works in me.

- Zack Isaacs-Raspberry (Zack for short) ;)


  1. To be honest...i have some, i guess concerns with SYron Smith in certain areas (his run for St. Rep. seemed confusing).

    However, he brings up some controversial but helpful questions.

    Lenore has some answers that not everyone might agree with, but i think are her honest perceptions.

    It's a greta jumping point for further discussion. For example, the community (especially seniors) talking to youth is good...i will try to write a post from my most recent experience on that.

    Regarding the would be interesting to find out how many of the winners are form our commmunity, and if it is proportional to the amount we spend on the lottery. (It seems like the winners are always in the suburbs).

    The toilet paper thing...umm, i think that needs a lot more context...

  2. I can agree with you JP about his true intentions but I did like the video. The mother gave her feelings about what is going on and what she is doing.

    As far as the lottery, the stats are out there at the lottery site. There are several you tube videos out there and it is depressing. THe zip codes with the highest number of players do not have the highest numbers of winners.

    Maybe since you and Mr. Tate have become buddies you should forward him a copy of the video and see what his organization has to say.

  3. 79th & Avalon resident speaks on duty day.


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