Thursday, April 22, 2010

Toddler shot in head on the 600-block of East 92nd Place

This is just terrible in the worst way. Another innocent child wounded!
Cynia Cole was with her family around 11 p.m. in the 600-block of East 92nd Place when she was hit.

Doctors say they are treating Cynia for severe brain swelling after she was shot in the head.

Cynia's grandmother was at home distraught as the girl's parents prayed at the hospital.

"I just want everybody to know how special she was to the family. And how we want justice to find out who did this. They need to come forward, and this is an innocent baby," said grandmother Cynthia Lyons. "She's a fighter. She's a rough cookie."

The father of the girl was behind the wheel of the white Oldsmobile at 92nd and Langley at a family friend's home when the gunman began firing. The bullets shattered the rear window and left holes in the trunk. The father was not hit.

The girl's mother, also unharmed, was getting out of the car when she saw the shooter on foot fire at the car.

Police say an 8-month-old and a 4-year-old were also in the car at the time, but they were not harmed. Police say the father is affiliated with gangs, though the family says that is untrue. There are no suspects yet.

While police continued to investigate the shooting, people in the neighborhood say it may have been a response to a shooting Wednesday that left a man dead.

"It is retaliation about, you know, somebody got killed at 95th and King Drive. It is never going to stop now," said neighbor Brian White.
As an aside ABC7 can't seem to decide whether or not this area is in Chatham or in Burnside.

Anyway if you watch this video you see a woman calling for more of those police cameras on their block to deter crime. People are sad and upset about what happened to this little girl. And the residents of this area believe that this shooting may be related to that young man who was killed near 95th and King Drve recently. Yeah the one who crashed into Popeye's (assuming this was the crime people are referring too)!

Whatever happened and why it did happen, I...just...don'!!! Too many innocent people getting hurt for this retaliation!

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  1. There was also the man who was shot on his porch ON THAT BLOCK THAT VERY WEEK!

    Crazy! Living there, never thought it was like Englewood or Roseland.

    As for the Burside/Chatham's actually on the border which is artificially St. Lawrence, though it doesn't "feel" different in the neighborhood.

    This is goingto sound crazy, but we need MORE peopel moving there, and walking the streets...


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