Sunday, May 23, 2010

City's Food Deserts Shrinking, But Far From Gone

Gallagher's report in 2006 found 633,000 Chicagoans lived in neighborhoods without major supermarkets, limiting their access to healthier and fresher foods. Since then, Gallagher found, the city's food deserts had shrunk by 1.4 square miles, benefiting nearly 24,000 people.

Since 2006, a new grocer, Food 4 Less, moved into West Englewood, affecting 307 blocks and roughly 40,000 people, the report found. But Chatham lost a Cub Foods outlet and a Dominick's store, reducing food access for nearly 142 blocks and about 16,000 people.

However, a Food 4 Less recently opened in Chatham, Gallagher said, but it was after data had been collected for the study.
The Cub Foods that was in Chatham was replaced by a Food4Less. Of course as this article indicated that was after the date had been collected for teh study.

I know the focus was largely on low-income areas, however, if you've been following the news surrounding Officer Wortham's death Chatham is considered a middle-class neighborhood. Far from being a low-income area.


  1. While I'm not a fan of Aldi's it does carry the basic items that households need and does carry a limited number of produce items. They have opened several stores that I believe this report does not consider. Also, this report does not take in account the produce markets (Pete's, 71st street) and mom and pop stores(Chatham Fooods, Food town, etc).

    Yes it is discouraging that our community had a grocery store for every 5000 households 10 years ago versus a store for every 25000 households there are still plenty of options for individuals to get fresh produce and meats at affordable prices.

  2. I wonder if they included Food Basket which likely closed during the time period of that study. That's another ma and pop store that would impact that study.


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