Monday, May 31, 2010

OPEN BLOG: Would you like to do a meet-up?

The first idea is to do a meet-up at our local movie house, Chatham 14.

In 2009, JP proposed to do a meet-up for Star Trek. Unfortunately that didn't get off the ground but we still hope to do something and support our neighborhood movie house.

If there is interest, we will have to work out some details and logistics. JP seems to favor going to local restaurants and then go to a show. That's one start although I would forgo that and just have the meet-up at the theater itself.

Also we may have to decide whether or not this should be a matinee or evening show. We also have to decide if this is something that can include either the whole family from children to the elderly or at the very least should we only do an event for adults.

In addition while we want to encourage neighbors to join this meet-up it WILL be open to anyone who reads this blog, especially if they live in the Chicago area and looking for somewhere to go.

QUESTION: Would you be interested in a Chatham 14 meet-up? What movies would you like to see? In answering that second question you don't have to limit yourself to current releases. You can propose an old movie that has already graced the silver screen in the past.

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  1. How about planning something that is dinner/meal and movie (pick and choose) and another event you can do with children. I do know there are a couple of groups of young people in the Ward that do movies but plan another event. Some will come and when others learn about it they'll want to attend the next event.

    As to question 2, I'm a classic; trekkie; mystery; Michael Moore; kind of movie go-er.


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