Sunday, June 6, 2010

Daley pushes again for South Side Wal-Mart

"There should not be one community that's a desert for retail," the mayor said, at the rain-soaked dedication of Marshfield Plaza, on 119th Street in the Morgan Park neighborhood.

Daley has pushed for a second city Wal-Mart in Pullman, another South Side neighborhood, but faces opposition from union leaders who want the retailer to pay better wages. The City Council's Zoning Committee recently delayed a vote on the issue.

Asked if he would insist on a City Council vote on the Wal-Mart expansion, Daley insisted such pressure would have to come from the community.
In this very brief article, another issue at play is the role of TIFs in developing Marshfield Plaza. Other than that it doesn't look like Daley will help to push the Wal-Mart issue out of the Zoning Committee.


  1. It doesn't appear that they have the votes to get this passed. Here is a link to video from Alderman Joe moore who is opposed.

  2. So, what has happened to the Walmart at 83rd Street? What makes Pullman so more deserving than other communities? Daley says no community should be a retail or grocery desert---What about Chatham. We have maintained a middle-class neighborhood and now we have nothing, but section 8ers.

  3. Its not that Pullman is more deserving but it is truly a "food dessert". The area has suffered because several proposed developments on Michigan have fallen through.

    As far as 83rd st, I don't believe its off the table yet.


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