Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tree down in the middle of King Drive

i didn't think that the storm on Friday, while some high winds, were so storng to cause a lot of destruction (our couple's bible study was canceled because of it -- which i didn't understand at the time).
But, it did indeed.

An entire tree was uprooted and fell on King Drive north of 82nd street, blocking the southbound lane. These photos were taken at noon on Saturday (today). A police vehicle was stationed at 81st, blocking that traffic. Northbound vehicles could pass (barely).

(My wife mentioned that clean up crews arrived around 1pm)

So it took at least 12 hours for anyone to notice a tree in the middle of a MAJOR road??!

Now, i understand that some roads may have even higher priority, and certainly those that cause bodily or vehicular damage come first.
But King Drive has to wait at least 12 hours to get help?!?!

Can a study be done to see which areas got first priority when it came to clean up? Was it the richer/whiter areas? Did places that have high traffic, but not as "desirable" or "influential" get put on the wait list?

The city takes photos when they repair they have photos of tree clean up? i would be interested to see if things were done fairly, or politically.

Also, were there any other major incidents like this in the neighborhood?

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  1. Our Streets and Sanitation supervisor Brian Gardner stated he had been out all morning with crews clearing streets where trees have been blown down by thw storm. He stated they would be working into the evening to attempt to cleanup the storm damage. At this point he and his crews were headed south on King Drive.


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