Friday, July 23, 2010

Sleep out at Cole Park - Friday August 20th

Ald. Lyle was on the Garrard McClendon Live Show on CLTV on Thursday, July 22. She was being interviewed regarding the latest police slaying. During that time she mentioned a community sleepover being planned. Basically , neighborhood residents staying in the park, like camping, and taking it back for the community.

The date is Friday night, August 20th at Cole Park , 85th & King Drive.

When I mentioned this to my wife, her immediate reaction was to shake her head and say no. Anyone else facing this problem -- of wanting to be involved, but being shut down by people close to you? I wish i could get my daughter out...i just might go by myself if i have to.

We could use an event like that at Ruggles Playlot, just to stave off the alcoholics and gangbangers ruining the park

One other footnote -- I think Garrard McClendon Live is a great show, and I'd love the opportunity to pursuade Garrard and his family to move to our area. People like him, who provided the best reaction to the worst circumstance, is a great community leader, and would be an absolute asset here. I'd love to have him as a neighbor!


  1. The 6th Police District Officers are planning, coordinating, taking registration for and participating in the camp out on August 20th. It is a registration only event and there will be super security to watch over the children sleeping in their tents in the Park. For the majority of our children, this will be the only time they have ever slept in a tent under the stars. It should be a phenomenal event. Kudos to Commander Eddie Johnson and the 6th District.

  2. Do we have to go to the 6th District to register? If so, whom do we ask for, and when can we do so?

  3. Contact the 6th District CAPs office for registration info.

  4. Thank you Alderman.

  5. Update:

    The sleep out has been rescheduled to September 3rd. More information to follow.


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