Thursday, August 5, 2010

ADA swing at Grand Crossing Playground has been stolen

Last week, we got an e-mail about a stolen ADA accessible swing at Grand Crossing Park. The photo seen above was taken yesterday. Also the photographer and e-mailer, Maria Stone of Friends of the Parks offered a press release for a dedication at this park on Monday August 9th. That document is below.
Grand Crossing Dedication Press Release

She also hopes to raise funds for a new playground at Cole Park @ 361 E. 85th St in October. I hope that someone out there would like to see that happen!


  1. I think the playground is going to be an uphill battle because certain individuals and groups have their minds set on getting a new fieldhouse. While the park does need a new fieldhouse the top priority was and continues to be the playlot.

    If these individuals would let go their egos and wake up and leverage the strengths of FOTP we could get both projects done.

  2. The only problem with the FOTP proposal is that we already had a commitment from the Park District, to in fact, build a new playlot. Thus we are asked to raise money and spend $100,000.00 from the Ward's 2010 Menu money for a FOTP playlot or let the Park District build the lot with a smaller amount from our Menu spread over a couple of years. The bottom line is there will be a new playlot, by whom is yet to be determined as we take a look at both proposals with the Advisory Council.

  3. Alderman I'm confused because the press release gave the impression that all parties were behind this proposal and not its two seperate proposals.

    Secondly, who is the Park Advisory Council? Why haven't we heard from them? Are they working on Brown Park as well?

  4. It is confused right now, but we hope to get everybody in a room real soon to sort things out. The Advisory Council actually has continued to meet after a hiatus because of Tom's death and yes they are still working on Brown Park also. More to come....


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