Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Local bus route changes

Photo taken near 95th & King Drive Tuesday night
This is late I know because this change should have taken effect on Monday according to this service alert from the CTA, both the Nos. 3 & 4 routes will terminate at Chicago State University (CSU). It was the original route before CSU terminated a lease to allow CTA to terminate buses on their campus over three years ago. Since they've recently changed it back it makes me wonder why it was changed in the first place.

Before August 23rd the No. 3 would terminate at 95th Street and would head down 95th to Michigan then circle to State then back to 95th. Then finally return to the southern terminus at 95th/King Drive.

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  1. Since you sort of asked, this is what happened. The last administration at CSU had other plans for the area of the bus turnaround. More specifically, there was a dispute about who would pay for repairs CSU alleged were caused by the buses. I also discovered that they had commissioned a statute for that location. After learning of the decision from the CTA, I met with the President to request that she rethink the proposition. Additionally, the employees of CSU also protested the decision. I then began working with CTA about the repairs and in the interim that President left. I brought the issue to the attention of Mr. Pogue who was the interim Pres. and got a commitment from the Chairman of the Trustee Board that we would move toward bringing the CTA back. Letters of agreement went back and forth between CTA and CSU for months afterward with CSU making some unreasonable demands. When Dr. Watson came aboard, I explained the situation, informed him of the number of students at CSU who were being robbed at 94th & Cottage and he said 'make it happen'. With a new General Counsel and a new President, we were able to get everything worked out in 2 meetings and voila the CTA is back on campus. The only downside is the Harlan students taking the No. 3 no longer get dropped off in front of the school. But this routing is more effective and high school students have young legs.

    P.S. Safe passage workers are on 95th in the morning and in the afternoon to add extra eyes to the 95th St. route for the protection of our Harlan students.


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