Saturday, August 14, 2010

Precinct7: More Crime and Politics

From ABC7's political reporter Charles Thomas. Simple question when you read this post. Is crime really down in the city or is the police department really attempting to "cook the books" with regards to crime statistics?


  1. It would definitely seem as if the numbers are being played with. It doesn't take a "rocket scientist" to know that anyone living in the 6th Ward and on the South and West sides have had more than their share of shootings and violence in the past few months. You would really think that Weis would actually "feel" this-- considering that three of his own police officers (two in the 6th Ward) were shot in a two/three-month span).

    Supt. Weis is obviously trying to take the the heat off him AND the Mayor by repeatedly stating what everyone who has half a brain knows is a bunch of crap.

    We don't only need more police to "serve and protect"-- we need more efficient and respected leadership in the Police department.

    No wonder Supt. Weis has been stressing that the number of murders is down, and thus, crime is supposedly down and we should all feel safer-- but he NEVER gives any other stats such as the number of shootings, armed robberies, carjackings, etc.

    Now we know why. Damn shame!

  2. Charles Thomas is on target with this!!

    When my nephew and his friend were shot in Cole Park in April, 2010, the two shootings were classified as one (1) Aggravated Battery.

    My family and that of the other young man could not for the life of us understand why two (2) young men, who were shot was classified as one incident instead of two...

    I really would dare Weis and the powers that be to put out the actual numbers of shootings that have occurred in the city this year, without the invalid classification(s).

    It may probably scare the hell out of people, but at least it will be the truth!!


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