Thursday, October 28, 2010

UPDATED:Does Harlan students get some unfortunate press?

UPDATE 11:13 AM One of the teen boys who were shot in this incident (he was shot in the heat) has died of his wounds. It's unclear in this if he went to Harlan however.

I just got to say this story was difficult to follow. You may have seen this story through our Blotter. And this article made special mention of two young people who were shot, a brother and sister, were students at Harlan. They weren't the only young people involved in this story but yet the nearby high school was mentioned.

BTW, this story took place at 100th & Michigan. Either way not sure what the point of this being brought up in this piece was.

It was easy for me to have a knee jerk reaction seeing a brief blurb about this piece especially reading a brief at EveryBlock. I could've just assumed there was another shooting near Harlan only to find that well this shooting took place down the street. Even worse the Harlan students were victims. The way this article was written it doesn't appear that they initiated anything.

Either way what was said by Ald. Lyle may well be correct, although surely she wasn't the only one saying this. That Harlan gets some unfortunate flack for anything bad that happens in the area.


  1. I think its time we need to consult with our educators on the blog to push the proposed project with Harlan.

  2. It is unfortunate that when a CPS student is shot or killed, especially in most cases AWAY from the school they attend-- and the information publicized, that the "impression" is that the incident occurred at the school, and the school receives "flack"/labeling from the incident.

    More than that-- please know that the faculty and students in these schools feel "labeled" as well which leads to a real morale/stigma problem within the institution and the community as you have just mentioned.


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