Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Huberman to leave CPS May next year

This is sort of big news, but you know the new mayor should have the ability to pick their own team:
Chicago Public Schools chief Ron Huberman has told Mayor Richard Daley he has no intention of serving another mayor and intends to leave his $230,000-a-year job before the mayor leaves office in mid-May.

Huberman's departure could mean Daley would have to turn over the nation's third-largest school system in mid-school-year to a caretaker CEO who would be replaced after a new mayor takes office.

All this threatens to occur over a critical set of months, when CPS traditionally devises its budget, prepares for state tests and decides which schools to close. It must tackle the tasks with an administrative staff decimated by budget cuts, teachers left disgruntled by cost-saving layoffs and the specter of even worse budget woes next school year.

In addition, news of Huberman's planned departure comes after the school system has languished for months without a chief education officer. The No. 2 job has been vacant since June 30, when Barbara Eason-Watkins left to run the school district in Michigan City, Ind., where she owns a home.

When asked how long Huberman would remain on the job, CPS spokeswoman Monique Bond said she did not "have a date."
There's also this:
While he said there is no way to know whether he will stay after the election, he said he remains committed to seeing through a handful of initiatives he's shepherded since joining the district in January 2009, including extending the school day using online courses. He also noted he was deeply involved in preparing the district's next budget.
That means as CPS CEO and as CTA President he's had relatively short tenures compared to others who have held their respective positions in the past. Although I would have to suppose that in this case who knows if he would still have a job when a new mayor finally takes office.

Both articles via CapFax morning shorts!


  1. Let's hope the incompetent, overpaid, and unqualified people he brought with them leave as well!!

  2. What's so unfortunate is that initiatives that were working were cut; people who were devoted to the children, schools and communities were laidoff; and for what?? CPS is worse now than when Huberman came in and now he wants to get out to save his own behind.

    The "wheel" has to be reinvented once again, and the "mess" fixed...

    Meanwhile, our children and communities will once again take the brunt of his failed initiatives...

    Hopefully, the next CEO or Superintendent of CPS will be a REAL Educator this time!!


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