Friday, October 22, 2010

On visiting Harlan again!

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When Ald. Lyle showed up at the Roseland Heights meeting last month unannounced she mentioned improvements to one of Harlan's courtyards. Wow they largely filled in that courtyard with concrete although there is still grass in that area of the school. I only know this because security directed us through the courtyard to get to the social room where the LSC was meeting.

I remember that there used to be bricks for walkways in addition to perhaps picnic tables or what not if you want to sit down. This looks like a great place to hold an event or two when the whether is warm. Hopefully it will be available to the community if they can figure out how best to do that.

I have to mention that I came a little early for this one and the front doors were locked. If you have public meetings where you expect members of the public the doors shouldn't be locked. Also the students shouldn't have to open the door when they see someone from the outside. How do they know I don't have business with the school and I have another dubious purpose?

Unlike a year ago when I visted the school and followed a tour of the school there wasn't much to see this time. Although they changed the social room which is now carpeted and has new furniture now. Almost a round table for the LSC to conduct their business although the set up is odd. The public is behind the council instead of the council facing the public.

It turned out that I was a little early and when someone let us know that there was a meeting in another room. I had no idea this was for the Parent Advisory Committee. There will be more on that later!

Anyway the room we were in was actually the Department of Post-Secondary Education. This is the college resource center, something we didn't exactly have when I was a student. There was lots of information on the boards for not only Historically Black Colleges, but also the Divine 9 Greek organizations. There were computers there in that room as well that hopefully aides the students in their preparations (whatever they may be) for college.

Should also note that there are flags and pennants for college around the school. It would be cool if there was a way to display them where it could be seen off of Michigan Avenue. You could see a similar display at Jones College Prep (for you old timers Jones Commercial) in the Sloop. I want to know who made it to Clark Atlanta University and Spelman College from Harlan. I hope the next goal for Harlan is to get the Ivy League universities calling, although hey University of Chicago is close enough. :)

You know if they knew I blogged here I have more questions. Other than that expect to see my thoughts on Harlan's LSC meeting here in the near future. And Bennett-Shedd's LSC as well.

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