Friday, January 14, 2011

Mysterious Survey Mokey Survey

Saw this posted by a friend on Facebook.
1. If you were in the election poll, who would you vote for?
  • Roderick T. Sawyer
  • Freddrenna M. Lyle
  • Brian E. Sleet
  • Sekum Walker
  • Cassandra Goodrum-Burton
  • Richard A. Wooten

 *2. What do you think is the most important issue that concerns the 6th ward citizens?

(open text)
*3. What do you think the next 6th ward Alderman should address the most?
  • Crime
  • Housing
  • Economic Development
  • Lack of city services
  • Education
  • All of the above
4. What's wrong with the current 6th Ward Aldernman?
  • not assessible
  • not visible
  • not a coalition builder
  • not responsive

 *5. What would be the best way for the 6th Ward Alderman to better serve the people? 
  • Be responsive
  • Be assessible
  • Be visible
  • Build Coalitions
  • All of the above

*This question requires an answer.

So who published this survey? Why can't we see the results?

One thing that disturbed me was Question 4 -- it's phrased to be anti-incombent, rather than saying "what area needs the most improvement". Some people may feel there's something wrong, however, others may legitimately feel otherwise.  And you can't submit the survey without answering it (and no way to add another option).

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