Monday, January 10, 2011

Tribune candidate questionnaire for 6th Ward aldermanic candidates

Go here for races around the city. So far Roderick Sawyer, Ald. Lyle, and Cassandra Goodrum Burton had responded. The Tribune editorial board makes clear that no one has been endorsed so far.

Roderick Sawyer's questionnaire. This quote is about the Chatham Executive Building that has remained vacant even after renovations.
We have a state-of-the art "green" building in our community owned by African Americans, yet it remains virtually empty primarily due to the surge in violence on 79th Street.
Ald. Lyle's questionnaire. Her response to how to encourage employers to our city.
By providing an educated workforce, a culture that supports businesses and assisting new businesses in cutting through the regulatory maze.
Cassandra Goodrum Burton's questionnaire. Ms. Burton has this quote about Chicago State University.
One underused resource in the ward is Chicago State University. I would like to see the University serve as an economic engine for the area much like UIC does for the west side.
I would like to write more about their comments. It interesting to read their thoughts about how they think CPS should be administered whether continuing the status quo, switching to an elected school board, having a CEO with education experience, or who should appoint the CEO. Also interesting is how each would address the issue of crime and economic development.

I will continue to check in future for responses from the other candidates for 6th Ward Alderman.

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  1. All the candidates who filed petitions were sent a questionnaire by Concerned Citizens of Chatham. All acknowledged with the exception of Sekum Walker and Roderick Sawyer was the only one to complete.


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