Monday, January 24, 2011

WOOTEN: "Chesterfield & West Chesterfield, here's what's wrong"

In this brief video Wooten examines Chesterfield & West Chesterfield. This write up applies for both neighborhoods:
Foreclosed homes blemishing the beauty of this once, sought after single-family home area. Quickie drug deals and burglaries are disrupting the tranquility of this well-established community and certain types of families have started to ignore the time-honored values that this community is known for. This community also asks: why can’t they have the kinds of small and big businesses you expect to see in Northside areas? Should that still be a wish or a reality?
In this one he doesn't veer from the script at all so nothing new here. You should read his PDF editorials there isn't much difference between the two, only that well he changes Chesterfield for West Chesterfield and vice-versa:
Today, if you don’t o er our youth the options of being engaged in after school programs, you leave them vulnerable to bad in uences. Volunteering with our youth and mentoring young men in the ward has made that very clear to me. So my administration will work with our churches, schools and community groups to implement programs that allow kids the chance to stay focused on a positive future. Should we succeed in securing a grant from the Illinois Violence Prevention Agency, jobs would be created in the community aiding in the establishment of neighborhood patrols to report criminal and suspicious activities. Most people have no idea how the city’s TIF (Tax Increment Financing) works! What some of us do know is that it was intended to improve poor communities. But the mayor abused it. Englewood and Park Manor would be on the top of my list! If we don’t stabilize the hardest hit areas rst, the spill over e ect will topple the best parts of West Chester eld.
So he wants to work on the destabilized neighborhoods of Englewood and Park Manor in order to protect that best parts of Chesterfield and West Chesterfield. Does this make sense?

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