Saturday, February 5, 2011

BLIZZARD 2011: Snowed In!

Another posting at the Ask for help, lend a hand: Blizzard 2011 website found via our Blotter:
The snow needs to be cleared out of the alley between 86th & Prairie and 86th and Calumet. The snow is piled high and there is mostly elderly people on these blocks, so they can't go out and clear the alley themselves.
Good to know there are others in our community who needs help clearing our alleys.

Also check out this ABC7 article which quotes not only Ald. Lyle but also a constituent:

Ald. Freddrenna Lyle said many people are calling her 6th Ward office concerned about the snow removal efforts.

She says the strong winds created waist high drifts in some streets, which means some her constituents can't get to work.

"My concern is really beyond the fact that people are losing money not being able to get to work," Lyle said. "I have so many seniors out here and there are so many seniors all over the city and people who have doctors appointments and they have dialysis treatments they've got to get to."

"It wasn't a problem. It's just something we have to deal with. The city can only do so much," said Thomas Taylor, a 6th Ward resident

Taylor said he and some other men cleared the snow from their block.
Finally back to the subject of the alleys, found this posting over at the Edgewater Community Buzz blog about the response of their Alderman and a potential solution:
Alderman Mary Ann Smith's office reminds us that the City of Chicago does not plow alleys as it would pile up snow against garages and dumpsters. Streets and Sanitation will run large trucks through the alleys to create ruts for vehicles to pass, but with this large of a snowfall it is unlikely to help. Residents are encouraged hold "snow removal parties" and shovel their alleys clear themselves. Has anyone hosted an alley party or removed the snow from their alley themselves??
Is there anyone out there who has joined with their neighbors to clear either their streets or their alleys? Let us know here!

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