Wednesday, February 16, 2011

For a Better Chicago robo-polling / LIVE poll

I just received (on Sunday night) a telephone robo-survey from For a Better Chicago (855-771-0040).

They just asked 2 questions:

1) Which 6th Ward aldermanic are you voting for (inluding an option 7 if you don't know/other)
2) What issue is important to you (my family interrupted me, so i can't give you all of the options)

At this time, For A Better Chicago did not have an endorsement so this poll might be helpful for them. The PAC did have a list of their endorsements as compared to other organizational endorsements.

Did anyone else receive this call?

 Is there any way to receive the results?

Also, on Tuesday i received a LIVE call from 1-200-200-0000.

This particular question asked who i would vote for in the 6th ward race. However, only 3 choices were give: Ald. Lyle, Rod Sawyer, and Brian Sleet.

Whoever authorized that poll evidently thinks that Richard Wooten, Sekum Walker, and Cassandra Goodrum-Walker are not contenders. The surveyors identified themselves by an abbreviation, but i forgot the letters. Anyone else get this poll?

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