Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mayoral candidates on Red Line extension

Well I blogged at least twice on Rahm Emanuel's plans for extending the Red Line to 130th Street. It appears the other candidates are talking about it as well. Taking excerpts from the CTA Tattler:

City Clerk Miguel Del Valle:
  • Ranking CTA expansion plans:
    1. Red Line south to 130th Street
    2. Orange Line to the Ford City Mall
    NO Downtown Circulator
    3. Downtown-O'Hare Express
Former US Senator Carol Moseley Braun:
  • Extend the Red Line to 130th Street.
    I will work to secure the necessary federal funds, and explore private funds, to build the extension of the Red Line to 130th Street to finally connect the Far South Side of Chicago with the CTA rail network.
Finally former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel:

  • Expand and revitalize the Red Line
    The Red Line is the backbone of Chicago's rail transit system for about half the city, carrying nearly 250,000 riders each workday and accounting for 40% of all CTA rail trips. Rahm's first transit priority will be a complete overhaul of the Red Line: rebuilding deteriorating tracks south to 95th Street, extending the line south to 130th and renovating and modernizing Red Line stations and track north of Belmont.
    The south section track repair will improve a ten-mile stretch of track from 18th to 95th Street and eliminate slow zones. As existing track is repaired, the Red Line extension will add four new station south of 95th at 103rd, 111th, 115th and 130th Streets, extending the line an additional 5.5 miles. The extension will provide substantial relief at 95th - the CTA's busiest station outside of downtown - and significantly improve bus and rail connections and overall service in an area that is heavily dependent upon affordable transit as an essential service. Together, the southern improvements and extensions accomplish several important economic development objectives including improving commute times for far south residents to downtown, establishing convenient bus links to growing far south employment centers and creating regional industrial and commercial development opportunities in and near the new stations.
Well Rahm had more to say about the Dan Ryan line and the possible extension to 130th than both Moseley Braun & Del Valle. So far nothing from former Schools President Gery Chico, Dock Walls or Patricia Van Pelt Watkins. 

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