Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Ald. Lyle & Roderick Sawyer on Politics Tonight March 7

JP wrote about this on Monday. Only wished that we knew about this so that we could encourage you all to call into this program when it first aired at 6 PM. We really do want you to get to know our candidates running for 6th Ward Alderman and one way to do so is to call into this program.

Perhaps if you follow either Worlee's Concerned Citizens of Chatham FB page, or our FB page, as well as this blog or Worlee's Blog. It seems that the heat has turned up in this race. The press releases and the responses between the campaigns seems to indicate as much.

There seemed to be some fireworks last night at two points. When Roderick Sawyer dissmissed Ald. Lyle's role in the Chatham Village Square retail development at 87th & Cottage Grove. Ald. Lyle verbally objected before being reminded by host Paul Lisnek that he would give her an opportunity to respond. You will see that in the Part 2 video.

The other moment was when a caller, Jill from the 6th Ward, called into the program talking about Ald. Lyle's voting record during the Daley administration. Ald. Lyle referred to Jill as a Sawyer supporter in responding that she herself didn't vote with Mayor Daley 100% of the time. You will see that in the Part 3 video.

In case the embeds below doesn't work [VIDEO: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4]

BTW, Roderick Sawyer's campaign FB page just revealed that Sawyer himself will be on Garrard McClendon's Off 63rd on WYCC-20, Thursday night at 6:30 PM. So now that you know that no excuse to not call into that program or at the very least send Garrard some FB comments on his page.





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