Friday, March 25, 2011

Makes You Want To Holla!- The Questions That Have Not Been Answered

As many of you are, I'm sick of seeing the SEIU mailings. So I decided to post a questionnaire that was sent to the candidates in the runoff. Neither campaign returned the questionnaire, but the questions are being posted so the air can be cleared and the candidates can talk about ISSUES.

I still see trash in the ward, poor lighting on 79th street, boarded up buildings, people looking for jobs(Garrett's Popcorn is not going to cut it), landmarks on the verge of closing, there is much more to discuss than the "taken out of context" garbage being posted in the mailings.

Here are the questions:
  1.  Alderman Lyle you and State Representative Constance Howard were officers, Alderman Lyle, treasures and Howard, Vice President, of a Not for Profit (NPO) named “Let’s Talk Let’s Test” (LTLT). The NPO received over $1.7 million in state funds. The NPO purchased a building at 7928 S. Evans in the Chatham community that was suppose to house individuals with HIV/AIDS. The building went into foreclosure and a state audit found that the bank accounts had been looted. Also, it is alleged that some money was spent to purchase a skybox for the Chicago Classic which is headed up by your supporter Mr. Everett Rand. What do you want the community to know about this situation. Candidate Sawyer was is your take on the situation?
  2. The Chatham Park Village Cooperative was once considered the most successful cooperative housing development in the city. Now, the development has over 80 vacancies and is attempting to stave off an imminent foreclosure. What role do you feel the Alderman must play to keep this development from going into foreclosure?
  3. The 6th ward has become one of the leaders in going "green”. Yet, the greenest building in the ward the Chatham Executive Building on 79th Street goes vacant. Why do you think the building is vacant?
  4. Candidate Sawyer several years ago one of your clients filed a complaint against you with the Illinois Bar Association. The client stated you misrepresented him and you lost important documents. What do you want the community to know about this situation? Alderman Lyle what do you have to say about this situation?
  5. Alderman Lyle several years ago you signed off on the rezoning of a parcel of land at 72-73rd Lafayette. The development was built by Spathies Construction which is a Non-Union builder. The development has been abandon and the few homes that were built have major defects and several are in foreclosure. Why did you sign off on this development?
  6. Candidate Sawyer several years ago you were a partner in a lounge on 71st King Drive named S’s. The lounge closed under mysterious circumstances. What happened?
  7. There has been quite a bit of discussion on Abbott Park and who uses the park. Is the local community based organization (CBO) Roseland Heights Community Association request to limit who uses the park and their disregard for a 40 year old intergovernmental agreement between Chicago Park District and Chicago Public Schools valid?

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